‘Sistas’ Down Under

Updated: November 16, 2007




It’s time for a new season

of the African American

Soap Opera

( aka Reality TV )

” The Williams Sisters ”

The Australian Open begins Monday. Both the first Tournament and first Grand Slam Event of the year. And both Venus and Serena say they are Pumped. And healthy. They say. We’ll see. For better or worse the Sisters have a recent history. The last 2 years. When their short lived Absolute Dominance of Women’s Tennis began to wane. Injuries being the Culprit.

And the Ice Queen

teenage Russian now American Sensation

The Hot & White Maria Sharapova

But for Venus and Serena it has been mostly injuries and for a time a lack of Focus. Everything but Tennis seemed to be on their minds most of the Time. Acting, fashion, personal development, celebrity appearances. etc. etc..

That may no longer be a Big Issue since as they have matured i.e. Gotten Older both of them seem to have a renewed appreciation for Tennis the basis for their Celebrity and their Wealth. At an even more basic level as their careers grow shorter they seem to Covet once again the baseline and the Roar of the Crowd.

Because it won’t last Forever !

( certainly not Winning )

The odds favor or disfavor as you prefer that either Older Sister or Younger Sister gets injured in the Early Rounds and either withdraws or their injuries Defeat them in the ensuing Rounds. The chances of the “Good Old Days” returning and Serena battling Venus for the Championship is Remote.

But not Impossible

Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams Final would re-ignite the Tennis World in its praise and adulation of the Best 2 Sisters ever to play Tennis. And once again revive talk of either or both being the Greatest Ever. Such a Confrontation would do as much if not more for their Pocket Books and their Celebrity and have everyone Abuzz as we move on to Paris then London in the Spring.

If anything

there is a far higher probability of

one Williams Sister playing

Sharapova for the Championship.

The Highest Odds of All are that neither Serena nor Venus make it to the Finals. What is for sure how well they do in Australia will go a long way to deciphering what kind of a Future each and both have ahead of them on the Court.

That’s the reason the Australian Open in its own way may prove the most interesting and potentially exciting Tournament both have played their entire Careers because of the Convergence taking place for the Williams Sisters right now.

And because their Number One Nemesis and now Number 4 in the World – far ahead of either Williams Sister – Maria Sharapova with all her Golden Appeal for the media and fans ( read white sanitized teenage sex appeal ) adds to this Mix its ultimate counterpoint. In pure exciting Black & White.

So the next 2 weeks

Down Under

should be

Fun !