Shani Davis Got It Right We’re Off The Plantation Now

Updated: November 16, 2007





Who cares if

Chad Hedrick wins 5 Gold

or just One


Think about all that BS from earlier this week. All the Forced Hype about American speed skater Chad or is it Cad Hedrick being the first Olympian since Eric Heiden to win FIVE Gold Medals. What exactly were all those sports journalists including one of the NY Times top Columnists saying …..

When they all ATTACKED Shani Davis for refusing to Bend Over for the White Guy. More Coded Racism. Nothing less. Or just like refusing to call Torino by its real name and instead insulting Italians using Turin instead.

It’s all about ingrained

Bigotry in American media

and Society

Shani Davis who has risen from those Mean Streets of Chicago dedicating his young life to do what no African American before him has ever done to win Olympic Gold in Speed Skating and after not qualifying four years ago just barely NOW according to White Boys & Girls covering the Torino Olympics (even if they think they are in some place that does not exist Turin) ….

….. according to these White Journalists Shani Davis was expected to throw away all that effort and all those dreams so Cad Hedrick the WHITE Skater could maybe win 5 Gold Medals and get Rich & Famous at Shani’s expense.

Shani Davis had never trained for and had no interest in this so called “team” race – a race which should by any logic been scheduled at the end of the Olympics AFTER all the individual races – the White Guy The Cad Man tried to badger Shani into it right in the middle of Davis training for the 2 Biggest Races of his life the 1000 Meter Saturday and the 1500 Meter a few days later.

But why did The Cad Man race ?

he trapped himself

Obviously his handlers and pr dudes didn’t expect Davis could reject the pressure to “join the team.” Maybe they forgot Shani is BLACK. African Americans have to spend their lives with White Guys trying to run Games on them. Shani and yes his Mother knew exactly what was taking place. The Big Con.

The Others wanted Shani Davis

to Bury himself


The White Guy

would get all the Glory

So had Davis fallen for this Smart Ass stuff maybe USA would have won the Team Gold and The Cad Man would have been the Center of Attention with his Second Gold AND pumped with momentum and all of USA rooting for him to win 3 more Gold by BEATING Shani in the 1000 Meter and 1500 Meter ….

Winning at Shani Davis’ Expense

And how about the Worst Case Scenario which has befallen other Olympic athletes in Torino. What if Shani got injured during the team race and was forced out of the Olympics and went home with NO Medals and the likelihood he may be “too old” to be competitive 4 years from now in Calgary.

Shani Davis

muster ALL your Talent

ALL your Drive

do it for ALL of us

win Gold in both

1000 & 1500 meter

run ALL over

Chad The Cad Man Hedrick

and teach a Valuable Lesson

to ALL the Bigoted Hypocrites

we’re ALL off the Plantation


Like It Or Not

Thank God