Selfish Byron ‘It’s All About Me’ Leftwich Embarrasing Performance

Updated: November 16, 2007





There are no bigger Supporters

of Black Quarterbacks


than right here

in the Box

That’s not going to stop us from pointedly criticizing an African American Quarterback who “disgraces” himself and makes himself unworthy of that Fabulous Fraternity. No this is not about Marcus Vick ( he’ll get this Box later ). This is about the only place you will find a Reality Check about Jacksonville QB Byron Leftwich and his humiliating performance against New England.

And more proof that most of the Sports Media

is terminally incapable of covering

the Real Story at the heart of

many Games.

And the core story about the New England – Jacksonville Playoff Game is just the latest of the never ending episodes why Sports is about more than Sports. About Life itself in concentrated Form. And not having a Clue about that “synergy” is why so many sports journalists are nothing but Zombies sleep walking through the sports they are supposedly reporting.

If you read all the coverage of the Jaguars loss to the Patriots ( as the fell apart in the Second Half ) you would have to believe Head Coach Jack Del Rio’s decision to start Leftwich as QB was some kind of mechanical formula he worked out or some answer he got by doing a Google search.

And that it was the only thing to do !

Try this on for Size.

Byron Leftwich still recovering from his Broken Ankle became very very concerned that fellow African American Quarterback David Garrard who had done so well taking over after Leftwich broke his ankle …

…. that IF Garrard Quarterbacked the Patriot Playoff Game and won Garrard would be the Hero of Jacksonville and GUARANTEED to be the Jacksonville Quarterback the following week in Game #2.

leaving Leftwich on the Sidelines

useless & ignored

The only thing that mattered to

Bryan Leftwich at the Point was

making sure that didn’t happen

How …

That was the ‘easy” part convincing Head Coach Jack Del Rio ( who was more than ready to kiss up to Leftwich ) that he Leftwich was completely Healed and that the fact he hadn’t played at all in 6 weeks and was also out of shape would not hamper his Performance AND ….

Since he The Great (sic) Byron Leftwich

is the Jaguars official Starting Quarterback

it was his right to Start.

( OR ELSE !!! )

Here is your Reality Check. Leftwich was not back to Normal could not have been as proven by his dismal performance. In fact it was clearly his personal “therapy” for his broken ankle the last 6 weeks was to go to one of the Krispy Kremes still open and consume as many Donuts as he could.

Let’s give Leftwich’s Game stats against the Patriots ..

He got Sacked 4 times

and ‘best’ of all

Threw an Interception for

A New England TD

as the Patriots humiliated

the Jaguars


Watching Leftwich after most offensive plays it was real tough telling him apart from the beefy linesmen on the Jaguars he looked so overweight and out of Shape. His uniform didn’t even fit him correctly.

We say Leftwich knew better than anyone and Coach Del Rio as well that Leftwich should not Start that David Garrard was the only logical choice to be the Starting QB against New England IF Leftwich actually cared about the team let alone David Garrard. Or the Fans.

He cared less about any of That

All Leftwich cared about was


and to Hell with the Jaguars

and their Fans if

the cost of Victory was

David Garrard Quarterbacking.

As for head coach Jack Del Rio his post game comments speak Volumes. It turns out his contract is up and he wants to get rehired. And all he wanted to talk about was how well he worked with and how much he wanted to continue to work with Byron Leftwich in Jacksonville. Obviously Leftwich is Owners Pet Player.

So looks like

head coach Jack Del Rio

was playing the Same Game

as Byron Leftwich

dump David Garrard

for the Greater Good

Taking Care of


May the Jaguars rest in Peace

while Leftwich & Del Rio

Roast in Football Hell