Say No To Tebow White Is Right For The Heisman

Updated: November 23, 2007



NO Sophomore has

ever won the Heisman

That is in the entire 72 years of the Award. And there is no good reason to change that now. With formerly leading Heisman Dennis Dixon of Oregon out of the competition as a result of a season ending injury last week there is now GLEE among some that they can push a White Quarterback over the top. Florida’s Tim Tebow.

TWO problems

Tebow is a Sophomore

and Florida isn’t ranked

in the Top Ten and definitely

will NOT play in the

BCS Championship

That’s right Logic and Fairness dictate if with all the outstanding players who have been Sophomores for over 70 years NONE ha ever been awarded the Heisman than it should take a Perfect Storm for it to finally happen A SOPHOMORE LEADING A TEAM TO THE BCS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Any other reason for giving a Sophomore the most unique award in college sports is Nonsense. Any Sophomore has TWO more opportunities to prove they deserve the Heisman unless they leave college early.

Even more there is now a consensus

NO player should ever again win

the Heisman Trophy more than once

( It’s only happened once )

is Tebow going to win

it two even three times


Here is one. The point is the Good Ole Boy Fraternity goes out of its way to vote White (and we don’t mean Pat White) whenever they can find an excuse with lots of outstanding Black players to choose from. And here is the Litmus Test if West Virginia’s Pat White was in Tim Tebow’s shoes at the University of Florida there would be NO serious discussion of awarding him the Heisman because “he is only a Sophomore.” We would see all the Sports commentators falling all over themselves to deny him the Heisman rather if it were Pat White so many these Sports Jocks both complaining that he was a Sophomore AND that the University of Florida is not a Championship contender.

Here in the REAL World

the REAL World that

should exist

After LSU’s huge unexpected loss to Arkansas Friday 50-48 in Triple OT depending on the result of Saturdays Kansas vs. Missouri game, and a West Virginia win – West Virginia will either be #1 or #2 in the BCS standing and also the AP and USA Today polls which means barring a very unexpected loss by the Mountaineers in their final regular season games WEST VIRGINIA WILL PLAY FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

And The #1 Reason

West Virginia will play

in the BCS Championship

is Quarterback Pat White

Here is how the Washington Post

describes Pat White ….

As West Virginia has surged up the polls, quarterback Pat White’s Heisman chances have skyrocketed, too. The Mountaineers edged Cincinnati, 28-23, last Saturday night, propelled by White’s 295 all-purpose yards and his third consecutive astounding rushing performance. He ran for 155 yards, following victories in which he rushed for 156 and 147 yards.

White, equipped with feet that pump like the needles of a sewing machine, is 37th in the nation in rushing, averaging 95.5 yards to go with 12 touchdowns. For perspective, star running back and teammate Steve Slayton has gained 98.8 yards per game with 15 touchdowns. The only quarterback who has run for more yards is Michael Desormeaux of Louisiana-Lafayette.

White has been efficient throwing, too. He’s thrown three interceptions and 11 touchdowns in 120 attempts, and his 153.5 efficiency rating is 10th in the country despite throwing more than 20 passes in a game only once this year.

Or this from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ..

He’s arguably the nation’s most versatile threat at quarterback. He has rushed for 32 touchdowns and thrown for 18 the past two seasons. There’s no arguing which player is most responsible for maneuvering No. 4 West Virginia into position to take a run at the national championship.

In his past three games, Mountaineers quarterback Pat White has dashed and passed for 923 yards of total offense — right through the heart of their Big East schedule against Rutgers, Louisville and Cincinnati.

And even more many many articles keep referring to Pat White as the BEST all around player and leader in College Football this year. Combine that with West Virginia making it to the BCS Championship game THERE SHOULD BE NO DOUBT AT ALL WHO MOST DESERVES TO WIN THE HEISMAN.

Right now before

Saturday’s games

in the USAToday

all important

Heisman Poll

Pat White is #2

Tim Tebow #1

it should be for

the 2007 Heisman

Pat White #1 and

Tim Tebow #2 it’s

Time to make it so

Sophomores can wait

to win the Trophy if

they’re Good enough

then Time will tell

besides ….

Florida does not

Qualify in 2007

for a Heisman Anyway

while Pat White is Leading

his Mountaineers all the way

to the College Football Championship

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