Rumble Saturday Night

Updated: November 16, 2007



The Fight Game

has been quiet lately

that’s about to change

Some claim Saturday night’s bout will be The Fight of the Year. We’ll see. The year is still very young and these 2 haven’t gotten in the Ring. Yet. But their formidable reputations proceed both of them. Of course Floyd Mayweather most of all. Flood is the One many claim is the best fighter pound for pound in the world today.

Not that Zab Judah does not come with his own claims to Fame. That is the point. While Mayweather is favored by some nobody who knows is discounting Judah and nobody has to tell him what a victory over Mayweather would mean for his reputation and future.

Which brings us to this pay per view bout


Saturday night

Mayweather’s last fight was back on November 19th not that long ago Floyd KOed former WBA super light weight world champ Sharmba Mitchell in the 6th Round in Mayweather’s first bout ever in that weight category. Not bad. Even better when you know a few months earlier on June 25th in his previous Bout Floyd ended that fight in the 6th Round as well with a TKO over defending champion Arturo Gatti and winning the WBC super light weight world championship title.

Overall Mayweather from Grand Rapids, Michigan at 28 years and already 9 years a pro Floyd is undefeated at 35-0 with 24KOs and has held the World Championship in 3 different weight classes. And still young enough to have his best Boxing ahead of him with growing experience and wisdom in the Ring and out of it.

Which brings us to Zab Judah

of Brooklyn, New York fame

Zab likewise 28 years old is another 3 time World Champion but he has suffered a few losses along his way with a career record of 34-3 with 25 KOs. Judah fought last on January 7, 2006, at Madison Square Garden, and after handling himself well early ended up losing a very close decision to Carlos Baldomir. Zab retains his IBF world welterweight title as he gets into the Ring with Mayweather tonight. Ad that is the title Floyd Mayweather will be going after Saturday evening in Las Vegas before a big crowd and viewed by boxing fans in their own homes around the United States and in places worldwide.

HBO claims that there are 56 million pay-per-view homes out there. With two of the best “pound for pound” fighters going at it HBO does not expect to be disappointed by the number of those homes that pay that $44.95 to watch.

This Rumble in the Desert

for Welterweight Supremacy