Rest In Peace

Updated: November 27, 2007


Sean Taylor ” REMEMBER ME ”

What can we say

that hasn’t been

said all over

the Media

About Sean Taylor’s Murder. PLENTY. We can place it in context. Make it a Real Story to you. Unlike the one dimensional coverage in most of the Media. This is the reality of Life at it’s most and least meaningful. Dreadful “logic” and mindless chance.

The tragic paradox is

Sean Taylor could have

prevented his murder

or there is nothing

Sean Taylor could have

done to stop his murder

both can be called true

These contradictions “live” on a number of levels that do and don’t intersect. Easiest or most difficult to contemplate is how unlikely it is to die being shot in the leg. But how likely it is if the bullet severs an artery and medical help is far away.

More malevolent still that the Thug or Thugs who did it might never have contemplated Murder except that once they decided to carry weapons with them it always becomes a REAL possibility. They might have intentionally shot Taylor in the leg “simply” to disable him. Well it doesn’t matter. Sooner or later they are going to be caught and charged with MURDER and spend the rest of their lives in Jail.

Think if they were Smart they

would have risked life


for a robbery

What about Sean Taylor were it not for a chance play on the Gridiron a few weeks ago that resulted in an injury Taylor would not have been in his Florida home Sunday night and be DEAD today. Or imagine if he weren’t so good a football player and had never even been drafted. He would have been crushed. But he would not be DEAD today.

And how about the great wealth his talent brought him. Without all that money Sean Taylor would not have been living in a very exclusive neighborhood that would make his house the likely target of a robbery gone BAD. If he were poor instead Sean Taylor would not be DEAD today.

Or was there more going on here. In his past if not the present Sean played the part of the Reckless Star Athlete traveling with his “entourage” and fearlessly confronting adversaries wherever they might be. Even on the wrong side of his town where the downtrodden live who ENVY success like Sean Taylor’s. Might his own Bravado led to Revenge. Had Taylor lived a more sedate life style maybe he wouldn’t be DEAD today.

The point is ….

IF Sean Taylor had it to do over again.

Might he have done things differently. The little things and the big things. And not be DEAD today. Or would it have made no difference. That no matter what Sean Taylor was “destined” to be DEAD today. Or if he was some poor anonymous talent-less guy living on the other side of town might he be DEAD anyway even sooner. Victim of the far more common kind of violence that mostly all happens within deteriorated urban and rural neighborhoods where unbridled desperation “lives” with Death all around.

Or might Sean Taylor simply

very randomly been

hit by a bus one day

and be DEAD today

DEAD at only 24

rich or poor or

talented or not

all we do know is

you are NOT him

and not DEAD

so take care


about Life

and Death

what’s Best

for you to do

whether or

NOT Sean

Taylor did

it’s NOT

too late

for you

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Sean Taylor ” I’M DEAD “