Real Tragedy Of Maurice Clarett’s Downfall

Updated: November 16, 2007




It’s all over for Maurice Clarett

for the rest of his life


( barring some unbelievable set up )

The rest of the Media is already having a field day call it a FRENZY burying Clarett mercilessly for the armed robbery he apparently took part in Saturday night. Final confirmation for them Clarett was never any good and deserves to FRY in Hell for all Eternity. Or maybe sent to Guantanemo to be Tortured.

Blessed are the Self Righteous

for they are Fools

It will be a very big surprise if the accounts of the incident prove inaccurate. As almost 48 hours after the incident and with a warrant out for his arrest Clarett has failed to materialize. A hard way to prove your innocence.

So based on the evidence

let’s assume Clarett is guilty

( and hoping somehow he isn’t )

This will be the Final Straw

in Clarett’s Downfall

But whose Downfall is it really. Does it really stop at Clarett’s doorstep. Leaving Ohio State, NCAA, NFL and most of the media Innocent ?


Clarett’s Fall is predicated on a “system” that prevented him from doing. From doing something our society Worships. Play FOOTBALL. Because to play FOOTBALL in America it is not good enough to be a talented athlete.


not by a long shot

You must conform to “rules” (sic) which have nothing to do with Clarett or anyone else’s ability to play FOOTBALL but rather “rules” (sic) whose ONLY purpose is to keep POWER and most of all lots of $$$$ in the hands of those who OWN football. And that is not the young men who play FOOTBALL well.

It is the NCAA and their ‘co-conspirators’

colleges that have FOOTBALL programs

and the NFL

Here is the very big Point

In another world a FAIR one Maurice Clarett would have had the RIGHT to leave college and apply to play FOOTBALL in the NFL after his Freshman year because in that other FAIR world the only factor as to whether or not he could earn a living playing FOOTBALL would be if he is good enough.

Nobody disputes

Had Clarett been allowed to enter the NFL Draft 2 years ago that he would have been sought after and a high round choice of one of the 32 NFL teams. That he would have just completed his 2nd NFL season and more than likely very more than likely been on his way to Stardom in the NFL.

As opposed to what really happened


from playing FOOTBALL

by Ohio State AND

denied the NFL Draft

Maurice Clarett was suspended the ENTIRE 2004 Ohio State season after leading them to a National Championship the season before as a FRESHMAN. Anyone who thinks he was suspended for an entire season for some personal “infractions” is a FOOL. He was suspended to TEACH him and every other college football player a LESSONafter Clarett made it generally known he intended to challenge the NFL “exclusion” rule that required players to play 3 years of college ball. Or wait 3 years.

So that the NCAA and its colleges

made sure their Money Machine

stayed “healthy” (sic) and growing

So we have Maurice Clarett who showed little interest in college studies. Which nobody would have any problem with if Maurice had wanted to be a plumber, electrician or American soldier because having a college degree has NOTHING to do with his ability to perform well in those professions. Or for killing Iraqi insurgents.

Just like having a college degree

has NOTHING to do with

the ability to play FOOTBALL

Unlike any other profession Maurice Clarett might have chosen in which a college degree isn’t specific to the ability to do that job Clarett could not earn his living playing FOOTBALL ( if a degree was really necessary then NFL players would require a Degree in FOOTBALL ) and even though we supposedly have a Constitution that protects such basic rights. The right to work.

So all you sports journalists already dumping on Maurice Clarett AGAIN and will even more viciously in the days and weeks to come ….

How about this

How would you respond if when you try to arrive at work tomorrow you are told you must leave you CANNOT work as a sports journalist BECAUSE you are not a licensed electrician AND all the media have agreed and all the sports leagues have decided to cooperate in BARRING any individual from covering sports UNLESS you have an electrician’s license.

Or at least proving

you have worked

at least 3 years as

an electrician

And you had better not fall apart

or commit a stupid crime


you can’t make a living

covering sports any more


if you do

we’ll SAVAGE you

right here.