Rare Black Quarterback

Updated: November 9, 2007


Eagles vs. Redskins SUNDAY’S NFL BEST

All the White Boys & Girls

the less adventuresome will

focus their NFL attention

on the Cowboys – Giants

or the Browns – Steelers

this Sunday afternoon

but the SMART will

be switching between

Redskins – Eagles

Titans – Jaguars

( if you can )

Because those two NFL games feature the all too RARE treat of Opposing Black Quarterbacks. That would be enough for all those attracted to the seductiveness of the Quarterback Drama but there is more. Much more. All 4 of these teams have as much to gain or lose or more than the other 26 NFL teams playing this weekend.

Let’s turn to Washington – Philadelphia first because this will be concentrated QB Action. As you know from yesterday’s Box Donovan McNabb’s Dire Straits trying to keep his Starting Job as Football’s Father Time nips at his ever slower heels. Yet at not quite 31 still theoretically capable of bouncing back and leading the Eagles against the Odds to a winning season. Even farther ?? Like in the Good Old Days.

Yes we’ll say it even a very long shot Wild Card play-off berth which could save Donovan for another season or two OR make him attractive enough to another NFL Quarterback Challenged Team ( there are so many ) to find a Second QB Life for himself.

That is why Sunday is

so very very important to

the 3-5 Eagles most of all

McNabb who even risks

losing his Starting Role

forever more right away

with a Disastrous Game

That would be enough all alone to make this game Riveting. The Fate of one very prominent up until recently dominant player. AND WHY SPORTS FANS there is so so much more to find in Sports specifically in NFL games these Human Dramas that go far deeper than the next play and the score or whether “your” team wins.

Then on the Other Side of the Field

Quarterbacking for the Redskins

we have Young Black Quarterback

Jason Campbell beginning

to Establish Himself in DC

still has a lot to Prove




will be

THE Redskins QB of the Future

for the next 5 years or more

So a Stellar Performance by Jason and visually contrasting the Old McNabb and the New Campbell with Washington coming out on top and improving their record to a playoff bound hopeful at 6-3 will make it a Great Day for Jason.

Then down in Nashville

a very few states away

another Black Drama

of the QB kind

This one not as clear cut as that above with the 6-2 Titans taking on the 5-3 Jaguars. But here we have as fascinating a Black on Black match-up with its own character or should we say characters and its unique plot line. While the Titans record is impressive Vince Young Rookie of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year last season has not been quite as overwhelming this season even as Tennessee has a more impressive record and Higher Hopes than in 2006.

This is a great opportunity for Vince to Re-Shine, return to 2006 form and put his Titans in an enviable position at 7-2 with 7 regular season games to follow. Even if they were to go 4-3 after a Win Sunday they will very likely be play-off bound.

But here in Nashville Sunday

on the Other Side of the Field

stands the BEST QB situation in

the entire NFL from our

Black-centric perspective

It is UNIQUE in the entire NFL – and correct us if we are wrong – in the ENTIRE history of the NFL the Jaguars are the ONLY team ever to have now and in the past as both their Starting Quarterback and Heir Apparent + Prime Back-up TWO Black Quarterbacks.

A very very relevant fact this Sunday because Starter David Garrard is injured and the very likely Starter again will be Young Gray Quinn (never heard of him ?? except if you read the Box) who has filled in the last 2 games.

As for the game Jacksonville 5-3 will tie Tennessee both with a record 6-3 IF they can up end the Titans behind Gray Quinn (sure sounds Irish right out of Notre Dame but than God he isn’t …. Quinn is a member of the Family). So in fact the stakes are just as high in Jacksonville vs. Tennessee as with Washington vs. Philadelphia.


Giants vs. Dallas and

Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh


Eagles vs. Redskins

and Jaguars vs. Titans

all 4 of these games on

exactly the same time 1PM ET

the problem is Black Sports Fans

( and those who wannabe )

unless you have Satellite TV

and the expensive Sunday Ticket

unless you live in DC or Philly

or their broadcast radius

Tennessee or Jacksonville

and their broadcast radius

you won’t be watching

Black Quarterbacks

in these Epic Battles

but you will get

the other 2 games

on broadcast TV

what we need is

Black Sports TV

it is coming soon

on the Internet

from BASN

we hope so be patient

that’s your only choice

for a Bright Future

watching Black Quarterbacks

whenever wherever they play

as for this NFL Sunday

PRAY for a Miracle

a rogue TV signal from

DC or Nashville or

better still run out and

get a Satellite Dish and

NFL Sunday Ticket

( we should get paid for this ! )

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box ……. blackbox@blackathlete.net

Jaguars vs. Titans