Part 4 The Real Problem At Duke University

Updated: November 16, 2007






It never was about a “house party”

regardless of the outcome of the Investigation

College sports are Broken

no matter how

Successful they Appear

Because they are a breeding ground for a Society that places African Americans in an inferior position as much as ever. America’s leading universities really do prepare the next generation of Leaders. Unfortunately in a perverse way never admit.

And no where more than

within College Sports

Sadly it never sees to become a dated subject to address again and again the “dual path” of African Americans in College Sports. There is basketball and football where Black players are the majority of the roster players in virtually every NCAA college Division I most of all, and likewise for women’s basketball.

Yet in every other College sports

dozens of them

of every sort in

colleges large and small

prominent and obscure

You will often not find even ONE African American on these other teams, and on those that do at the most 1 or 2 Black student athletes. The Tokens to superficially avoid the charge of Racism. The situation is pervasive. The unavoidable conclusion is that in America’s colleges African Americans are exploited. Just as elsewhere.

Their talents and drive and smarts are needed in the TWO money programs Football and Basketball but in ALL other sports none of which are Money Machines for colleges African American participation is not only not encouraged it is unwelcome.

Duke is as “perfect” an example

as any college in America

Their men’s Lacrosse team reflective of the dozens of men’s and women’s teams at Duke EXCEPTING Basketball and Football – the Lacrosse team has 47 student athletes on its Roster. 46 of 47 are WHITE. The lone African American a Freshman.

As we detailed in Part #3 that pattern is repeated among 99% of the teams at Duke and almost half have NO African Americans at all. Most of the others their “token” ONE African American as does the Lacrosse team. If anything the situation is worse in the huge Duke Athletic Department bureaucracy where 112 of 116 executives and staff are WHITE.

The facts truly speak for themselves

Duke which aggressively recruits African American basketball and football players not only does NOTHING to recruit Black student athletes for its other teams. Duke does not even care enough to have in place even a simple oversight function to take notice of the discriminatory non inclusive character of sports at Duke.

It was never on Duke president Brodhead’s agenda.

It is just the kind of Hypocrisy, Duplicity and ultimately Racism that is eating away at American society. African Americans and other so called “minorities” in America are marginalized and minimized. on our college campuses to be tolerated when needed to make money but dismissed otherwise.

Thousands and thousands of the sons and daughters of the American “ruling class” learning NOT to live with or associate with Black America and most of all and insidiously in the sports and on the teams that attract those with the most drive toward success and privilege that will follow them throughout their lives.

Nothing short of a complete

reorganization of Sports at Duke will do

Displacing the old with a new Sports environment in which the character and the make up of ALL teams is an issue that gets continuous monitoring and an annual review and published report to determine if African Americans are being excluded. And what steps are being institutionalized to prevent the type of situation that currently exists in Lacrosse with 46 of 47 players WHITE, the entire coaching staff is WHITE and the very large athletic department that oversees and manages the team is basically all WHITE.

There is horribly nothing unusual

about what took place

in the early morning of March 14th

a degrading experience for African Americans

involving 41 members of the Lacrosse team

“partying” by humiliating Black women

and only too eager to do it again

this is how Racists “enjoy” themselves

these ‘cultured’ young white men

who play Lacrosse for

Duke University

It is time for


Right Now

More to Follow

Part #5


Sadly it is all over fort Jimmy Rollins,

His pursuit of Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting steak ended after 38 games when Rollins failed to get a Hit Thursday afternoon. In 4 plate appearances he did not even come close. Going for this kind of record there is no place for an off day. Made only worse by Rollins swinging at first pitches and even so desperate he tried to bunt himself a Hit.

Still with his 38 game steak even his one season 36 game hitting streak to end the 2005 season Jimmy Rollins has the longest hitting streak in Major League history by an African American player and the longest by any Shortstop ever.

Congratulations Jimmy Rollins

it was Fun !