Part 2 ‘Managing’ Racism At Duke

Updated: November 16, 2007







It is “perfectly” clear

what Duke’s strategy is

minimize the incident

defer criticism

do nothing of any consequence

wait for it to go away

That’s part of what parent’s buy at Duke for their kids for an annual tuition of $45,000. That is what money buys. Along with high priced attorneys now representing these students. And a college president who lives in fear of wealthy parents. And the Alumni.

It is business at usual

at Duke and

in America

This incident says far more about Sports and Racism at leading American colleges and within NCAA schools than Duke or the NCAA want us to see in this. Tough. We are going to examine this very closely over a series of articles here in the Box as we began with our first part two days ago. For 10 days Duke did basically nothing at all in response to this so called party and the Attack.

Only once the wider community in Durham, North Carolina and a vocal group on campus would not let up did Duke President Richard Brodhead take any action. And his response has been anemic at best. First canceling the Lacrosse’s teams next 2 games. Then suspending play for the rest of the season.

But most of all he has repeated again and again there may be 3 members of the team if any who should be held accountable. Because only 3 may have actually raped a young Black woman. His intent is clear. To place in the mind of the public that only 3 of 46 White members of the team if any deserve any punishment at all.

That the others literally weren’t even there.

That is a a bunch of nonsense various reports are that more than 40 individuals surrounded the woman at this “party” before a few actually raped her as reported The Durham New & Observer on March 25th. It appears there was widespread harassment of the woman and another woman both verbally abused and threatened before 3 of the worst of the lot beat and raped one of the Black women.

It is also a fact

beyond dispute

Not one of these 40+ called the Police and since not one of them has cooperated with the investigation and all Duke President Brodhead has done is suspend some games. Get this. Wednesday he allowed the team back to regular practice ALL of them as if nothing was wrong. That nothing had happened

And Duke has said it has no intention of conducting its own investigation. Meaning only the students who formally might get indicted for a crime have anything to worry about, and by not undertaking its own investigation, now even if Duke changes its mind later it will be that much more difficult to do a credible job.

This all or rather all this nothing amounts to a coordinated well thought out strategy on the part of Duke and its President to have this whole matter go away with as little impact on Duke as possible. And keeping all these wealthy parents happy and their sons happily attending Duke and playing Lacrosse.

Duke has NO interest in the Truth and even less in identifying the reality of Racism at the school making a complete Sham of the mantra about the real purpose of going to college and the integrity of higher (sic) learning.

Well “sorry” Duke

we are here to tell the Truth

about Duke

look for our eye opening

report on the scope of Racism

at Duke in

our next installment

Part #3