One Swing Ken Griffey Passes Legendary Yankees Mantle & Dimaggio

Updated: November 16, 2007






Moving up the Ladder


Ken Griffey did as much when he whacked his 537th Career Home Run on Wednesday afternoon in Cincinnati against visiting Chicago in the 5th inning. His solo HR put Griffey all alone as the 12th greatest Home Run Hitter in Major League history, and that same HR was Griffey’s 1538th RBI putting him ahead of Joe DiMaggio as 31st on the all time RBI list. And if Griffey stays healthy it is just the Start.

That’s the key staying Healthy

’cause if he does

This will be a season to remember for Griffey. As he moves up and up the HR Ladder. 40 Home Runs this season would take him from #12 to #8 passing along the way next Mike Schmidt with 548 HRs then Reggie Jackson with 563 HRs, Then it gets a little trickier with active player Rafael Palmeiro in 9th place with 569HRs currently, and then ahead of him is Harmon Killebrew with 574 HRs in 8th place.

But still if Griffey is back to the Form that got him to this Point minus 3 disastrous seasons in Cincinnati along the way a 40 Home Run season could have him end the year in 8th place with 576 Homers. Dependent on Palmiero’s output.

All of which brings us to Ken Griffey’s NL Comeback Player of the Year for 2005 Award he formally received Monday on Opening Day in Cincinnati. The reason he is the Comeback Player is to be found in the previous 4 of his 5 seasons with the Reds after his incredible first 11 seasons in the Majors with Seattle. Where he was King.

After a good first year in Cincinnati injuries and slumps devastated what was expected to be one of the most impressive careers in Baseball history and the likelihood of him passing both Ruth and Aaron for Home Run Supremacy.

Instead 2002 – 2004 proved a nightmare for Griffey with constant talk of a Trade along with is Disillusionment and treatment so bad by the fans Griffey kept his family away from the ballpark. It was at its worst for 2002 when he played in only 70 games and 2003 seasons playing 53 games and 2004 appearing in 83 games.. In 2002 Griffey had only 8HRs and 13HRs in 2004 and a bit better 20HRs in 2004.

The good news is that those seasons were a prelude to last season in which Griffey seriously began returning to form playing in 128 games, getting 148 hits, 92 RBIs and most of all 35 Home Runs. Making him the Comeback Player of the Year.

The Question now is

At 36 years of age how many great seasons might he have left. All earlier expectations about Ruth and Aaron have been Abandoned. Could Griffey have 5 outstanding seasons left in him averaging 40 HRs per season or another 200 Home Runs left in his aging injury prone body. Less than likely but far from Impossible.

While the Odds are open to Question

If Griffey averages “only” 25 HRs for 5 more seasons that would give him 661 Home Runs, one more than Willie Mays and 4th All Time behind Aaron, Ruth and Bonds in whatever order those 3 ‘finish.’ Specifically Bonds.*

If Griffey reads the Box as we certainly hope he does, even if he hasn’t but has done the math already being able to break into the First Tier Immortals by averaging 25 HRs over 5 more seasons should be enough to Energize him for 2006 and for seasons to come. If he can stay Healthy ? Ken are you listening ??

Now briefly to our Favorite Subject

Jimmy Rollins in Philadelphia

He has 2 hits already Wednesday evening as we go to Press. There is no need to wait for the end of this Cardinals-Phillies encounter. Rollins did what he needed with his First At Bat. He picked off where he left off Opening Day with another Double in the 1st inning.

Rollins has now hit in 38 Straight Games. If Rollins hits again Thursday afternoon against St. Louis for 39 Consecutive Games he ties Paul Molitor for 6th Place on the all time List. Then one more against the Dodgers Friday Night for 40 it really starts getting interesting as he ties the “immortal” Ty Cobb for 5th Place and just 16 “long” games from The Great DiMaggio.

Keep praying for Jimmy Rollins

he can do This !