Of Belichick, Asterisks, And Such….

By Desi Cortez
Updated: November 10, 2007

DENVER — Everywhere from sports bars in Boston, to gyms in Austin, Alaska to Nebraska all-across America, sports fans are engaged in heated verbal battles — debating the requirement of an “asterisk” placed, attached for eternity, to the New England Patriots feats this season.

And let’s not disregard — there are those, maybe even more than a few, who’re suggesting this “brand of the cheater” be applied to all three of the organizations last Super-Bowl victories.

Where’s the controversy? I’m lost? Belichick’s Boys, Brady’s Bunch, whatever you want to enshrined them as, they conspired to dishonestly, unfairly obtain an advantage.

End of story. Matter-of-fact, the story is simple, Romper Room level Civics.

The Boston Butcher — Bill Belichick — fined a half-a-million dollars, after an internal investigation was conducted by the NFL’s FBI. The New England Patriots organization, one of the League’s flagship operations — fined another-quarter million. The organization was striken of their first round draft choice for next season.

Not to mention, the infringements they were fined for, have been leveled against the Pat’s numerous times, by multiple teams….How in-the-Hell can any sports writer in this nation, who’s advocated the execution of Barry Bonds at sunrise, possess the audacity to flip-flop their morals and values, and defend Bill Belicheck?”

Cheating is cheating, bottom line.

Now, if the Patriots go undefeated, and join the ranks of the 72′ Dolphins, such an accomplishment is going to mandate the football world weigh-and-measure the gravity of the Pat’s deeds, both good and bad. Those deliberations shouldn’t take any longer than a Peyton Manning last minute drive.

There is a question as to whether or not the Patriots won by employing deceitful or unfair means.

Coach Don Shula was initially correct when he told ESPN’s Mike and Mike In the Morning Show;

“The Spygate thing has diminished what they’ve accomplished. You would hate to have that attached to your accomplishments. They’ve got it.”

Shula went on to interject the issue of an asterisk — “I guess you got the same thing as putting an asterisk by Barry’s Bonds’ home run record. I guess it will be noted that the Patriots were fined and a No.1 draft choice was taken away during that year of accomplishment. The sad thing is Tom Brady looks so good, it doesn’t look like he needs any help.”

His testicles have shrunk over the last few days, and the NFL establishment has frowned on Shula’s summation of the Patriots predicament…. they’ve painted and tainted their own destiny. It’s a great Shakespearean reality for the young men whose lives are somehow wrapped around the game of football.

I work at a middle school, believe me, this is a ideal discussion for 13 year-old-boys on the playground. Hey, the Patriots cheated. And, it does not matter if some kid offers up the “Yeah but, other teams did the same thing”.

Even in the eye’s of man-cubs, they respond with what all the institutions, organizations and individuals in places of authority have correctly ingrained in them, “that don’t make it all-right fool….”

Forgive me, but I was under the childish illusion — sports were actually tools to shape and mode young pieces of clay. To teach them the value of both team work and doing their individual job.

Sports were suppose to be about teaching young people to go beyond their perceived expectations and limitations. And, sports were to prove to kids that hard work and practice is what wins out at the end of the day, not who could manipulate the checks and balances of the game.

Coach Arnold taught my boy Elroy; T-E-A-M, Together, Everybody Accomplishes More… I didn’t know that “more” included stealing the other teams signals?

You can shake your head all you want, but the Patriots brain-trust tarnished the good name and idealistic image, the reputation of the entire outfit, by cheating.

But once more, that “win at any cost” attitude comes down from the mountain top, or Wall street, or the White House. Lie, cheat, steal, do what-ever it takes to win a couple of elections.

Manipulate the after-math of 9/11, pimp and exploit the tragedy – in order to extract trillions from the American citizens paychecks. Swap blood for Texas Tea… Facilitate the rise of gas to $3 bucks a gallon, milk damn near $5….

The Republican Party, the aristocratic NFL Ownership: both, members of the same country club, with the same goal – succeed, maximize profits, win, any which way you can.

Here’s what’s more disturbing; There’s no hesitation on the part of fans or writers to hold Barry, Pac and Vick to the fire. These over-the-top protest are even more of a insincere sham, because it’s done under the banner of ” integrity,” supposedly ensuring the honor of the sport by punishing the “rift-raft” who’ve slithered into the game since ….integration.

Yes, the grouchy as hell geniuses in Bean-Town cheated. This is an issue of character, or the lack of. It seems, call me a crazy – many will, but there’s a deliberate desire to minimize and slight the human short-comings and faults of White players and coaches.

Label it marketing, but more accurately it would be described as Propaganda reflecting a bias, prejudice rooted deeply with-in American culture. And not always what is written, but what is ignored, strategically slighted.

Tom-cat Brady’s love child , Matt “Hollywood” Leinart ‘s lifestyle, one closer to Broadway Joe’s than Roger Staubach, and Brain Urlacher — Mr. Monster of the Mid-Way, already inducted into Canton by overzealous fans and writers living, competing vicariously thru this barbarian — who’s fathered a mulatto son with a noted women of color, who’s a stripper; while married to the mother of his children….

The established sports media has kept it so-quiet, yes, you could hear a rat piss on cotton.

Nobody really wants to dwell on the negatives when it comes to these guys. One can only ponder; If, just if, Marvin Lewis or Romeo Crennell had two son’s pushing dope in the hood, riding around with heroin, crack, weed, alcohol, automatic weapons…

Judges declaring your home a “drug emporium? Not questioning Romeo’s Parenting skills, but openly doubting them. These two Afro-American gentleman would be suspended, if not terminated by the NFL. Every local government official would have a flashlight up their behinds, digging for evidence to lynch them with.

It’s common knowledge — there is a unspoken rule amongst the sportswriters and talking heads fraternity — constantly maximize the failures of Black athletes, verbally, throw the book at them.

Yet, always minimize those of the fewer and fewer Great White Hopes. Coaching is still reserved for the “select few” owners feel comfortable with.

Belichick is a sports icon, he represents….. ice cold, calculated, heartless Vulcan like leadership. He reeks of Ol-School charm: “He treats us all the same…. like dogs.” Evidently, a lot of men/fans can relate to ruling by fear.

Is it better to be feared or loved?

Gee, I guess if you think about it, their ought be an asterisk next to the Wikipedia reference for the USA. There’s no debate — this nation, from Jump-street. was constructed with that very attitude, feel and flavor.

Steal land, steal people, steal resources, recklessly kill-off everything from the majestic Buffalo to the noble and gallant American Indian — and then declare yourself the victor, the representative of civilization.

Ain’t that a bitch….