Nike’s New Kobe Bryant ‘Hate’ Campaign

Updated: November 16, 2007




The Wonderful World of Advertising

where any image even


can Sell

In this case granted using the “soft” definition of HATE as in ” I HATE to lose.” Still HATE is the key image in the new Kobe Bryant ad campaign for Nike and as a public service let us be the first to bring you the dialogue that is an integral part of the visual ad campaign.

In Kobe’s own voice …

The commercial shows Bryant shooting free throws, then doing other drills. His voice narrates, “Love me or HATE me, it’s one or the other. Always has been. HATEmy game, my swagger. HATEmy fade away, my hunger. HATEthat I’m a veteran. A champion. HATE that.HATE it with all your heart. And HATE that I’m loved, for the exact same reasons.”

Got it ?

HATE is Good

( Self-Hate ? )

It may be a Guinness Record ( please check ) for the most use of the word HATE in one short statement by a single athlete. In a commercial. In fact we are sure it is. Don’t bother checking. We’d HATE to waste your Time.

As a matter of fact we today are establishing our own Guinness Record ( which guaranteed we will never surpass ) for the most use of the world HATE in a single Box. And we certainly do not HATE setting records. And of course we don’t HATE bringing the Box to you every day.

There is even a very ironic under current here. Regarding Kobe that is. Just one year ago Kobe was not making Commercials. He was spending his time in a Colorado courtroom where the local Prosecutor was doing his Best to get ready to convince a Jury to HATE Kobe Bryant. Before the matter was Settled.

Now he is Back

And while some of us rightly call Bryant’s 81 point performance a Stunt it was a Brilliant move coinciding with the approaching new Nike advertising campaign for their Kobe Bryant line. It placed Kobe exactly where Nike wanted him the center of attention and performing in a spectacular way that elevated his Status further among the fans who buy the Shoes.

$135 a pair

Which brings is to our other Nike story …

Even before April’s Draft but after his Heisman Nike has Reggie Bush in its advertising cross hairs. Much more than Vince Young or Matt Leinart. Isn’t it forever fascinating how it is Back athletes who Big Time advertisers favor so often. To sell to their mostly White audiences.

While there really is no Comparison still the thought easily comes to mind how Southern Plantation Society treated the very source of their “success” in the most inhuman way imaginable. The only very very indirect comparison to the place of Black athletes in major sports and as prime advertising images is that African Americans are then treated so poorly when it comes to matters like ownership and management in the very same sports industry.

And of course athlete like Kobe Bryant

let them get away with It

Back to Reggie Bush

Nike is pulling out all the Stops. Actually their Big Corporate Jet last week to fly Reggie Bush to the Nike Shrine in Beaverton, Oregon where undoubtedly he was wined, dined and shown the Nike Vault by none other than Nike Founder Phil Knight who may be in the process of becoming the Howard Hughes of sports wear merchandising.

Reportedly Nike is ready to offer Reggie a guaranteed $1Million. Now before you say WHAT ? LeBron James got $90Million from Nike. Unfortunately for Reggie even though football is Bigger than Basketball conventional wisdom must be tossed out yet again when it comes to endorsements.

Everybody wears “basketball shoes” otherwise known as SNEAKERS but quite a few less Americans go around wearing football ‘cleats’ or even care what their favorite football player wears on the Gridiron. Then in addition Basketball has become a World Phenomena while American Football is mostly here.

Still the expected $1Million offer to Reggie would be the biggest apparel endorsement contract any NFL football player ever got. So he really can’t complain unless he switches to Basketball.

Something else working for Bush is that he is not completely ready to be seduced by the Nike logo. He is also being courted by Reebok, Adidas and lesser known Under Armour. There is no doubt Bush would HATE to go with the wrong company that isn’t best for him.

And HATE to get less $$ then he might if all 4 compete for his Favor. And just as long as Nike HATES the idea of losing Bush, and Reebok HATES the idea of losing Bush, and Adidas HATES the idea of losing Bush, and Under Armour HATES the idea of losing Bush ..

Bush may HATE the idea

of having to choose between them

As for the Box today

we HATE the fact

it’s time to Go