NFL Stiffs Own Black Rule New Commissioner Guaranteed White

Updated: November 16, 2007




It will happen in Secret

very similar to the selection

of a new Pope

That is what we can say for sure about the selection of a new Commissioner by the 32 NFL team owners. Might as well call them the College of Owners. They run their organization like the Vatican. Hush hush, And their authority is Absolute. Authority from God would not be far off the mark for their view of themselves.

The process has begun

Meeting in Secret Conclave in Florida Sunday, Shades of the Sistine Chapel but with even more luxury. The 32 owners met to talk about forming the Committee of Owners who will recommend a new Commissioner to the full college of owners. Lucky for Paul Tagliabue unlike how it is done in the Vatican the owners don’t need to bury him before choosing a new Commissioner. In fact Tagliabue will make out very very nicely in this deal sticking around until his Successor is installed and getting paid more Big Bucks even in Retirement.

Too bad Pope John Paul didn’t get this Deal.

But let’s get down to Business

This Box is all about the next Commissioner and more proof positive the 32 White Owners have already decided to choose a White Commissioner as they have each and every time prior. No there is no reason to believe they will follow their own rule the so called Rooney Rule that yes is a Sham anyway that whenever an NFL team is choosing a new Head Coach they must “interview” (sic) one African American for the position BEFORE picking their White Coach of Choice.

Now if this were some other Universe where some form of rudimentary logic prevailed you would expect the NFL owners to say to themselves and then state very publicly ” just as we demand individual owners consider if ever so insincerely African Americans for their top post so will we in choosing a new Commissioner.”

Not on your Black Life

Individually they flaunt the Rooney rule and grudgingly tolerate it. Don’t think for a moment that collectively they are going to acknowledge it and highlight it now making it part of the Commissioner selection process.

That could prove a very slippery slope for them

Some in the media like ourselves and even more powerful media and even part of the Blog World might take them at their word and they’d be forced to name some Black names they are “considering.” And if they are not very very carefully, or if they are very unlucky and by mistake put some impressive African Americans on their Commissioner Candidate List.

Some people outside of the College of Owners might say.

Why not ??

And some big mouthed commentators in the Media might say.

Why not ??

And miraculously the NFL Players Union might say.

Why not ??

And Big Name NFL players might begin to say.

Why not ??

And maybe one of the uppity reporters one of the very few African Americans covering The White House might ask President Bush the same question at a Press Conference and President Bush to look good might say.

Why not ??

Who knows then a lead editorial in The Great New York Times might say.

Why not ??

You can see how this could get very much out of control.

So we can report with complete “confidence” we have seen the long list of potential candidates as compiled from sources and all of them are White. Or Thank God as the 32 Members of the NFL College of Owners would say. And just as with the selection of the latest Poe in Rome there is really only one Leading Candidate for NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell, current Chief Operating Officer of the NFL. He is a favorite of Reigning Commissioner Tagliabue and a Host of Owners.

And Praise the Lord

All Power to God Above

Goddell is Very Very White

And just as the Vatican and the College of Cardinals piously continued its Tradition of always naming a White Pope be assured that when the College of Owners in the next few months formally meet in Secret to cast their votes for a new NFL Pope formally known as the Commissioner he will be White.

Not because

they would refuse to

name a Black Commissioner

no it is pure and simply

God’s Will.