NFL Kidding Itself NFL Needs Own Minor League Now

Updated: November 16, 2007





The NFL is a very Classic example

of an organization trapped

by its own “logic”

Commissioner Tagliabue and all his worker bees, big and small, go to the hive every day believing they have the best of All Worlds. The most successful sports enterprise in America, ever growing revenues and maybe best of all a virtually inexhaustible FREE supply of well trained labor, compliments of their partners (in crime) the NCAA and hundreds of college football programs.

Life is Perfect

or it It

The NFL specifically its 32 member teams are in reality operating a convoluted organization which has them trapped in a “business model” that undermines the potential quality of the Product.

Yes Yes Yes

that’s right

that’s the Trap

Even if the Product is “inferior,” less than what it might be, even if these guys could make even more money Who Cares they are all ….

Fat & Happy

Well here’s the Problem Paul

Things that seem Too Good

eventually are

The “flaw” in the NFL System is this. As much as they don’t expect it and as much as they believe a Conservative Supreme Court will never upset their game by ruling that the NFL & NCAA are involved in “restraint of trade” and operating an “illegal monopoly” they will Eventually.

Maybe a Conservative Court Most of All

if only to protect their Reputation

as such

Yes they have proven one young African American with a very limited legal team cannot successfully challenge the NFL / NCAA in Federal Court. But that is not the Challenge that will tumble this “Scam.”

It is the wild profitability of the NFL that will finally lead to some of the Big Boys in our Capitalist Wonderland, who do not own NFL franchises, and with only 32 probably will never, to see (once again) that a Competing League is a Viable Concept. A Fun Way to make more Money …….

….. by the ever growing hoard of very rich Americans and international zillionaires who most want to make even more money. But are quire willing to make high risk investments to do so because they can also afford to Lose.

But not by trying to go head to head with the NFL.

That is unproductive

Probably suicidal.

No by coming up with a new “model” based on offering lots of college football players still in college attractive offers to sign with the new league even before they reach the NFL Draft knowing full well and the students knowing the NCAA with the inherent support of the NFL ( legally they are inseparable if presented to the Courts well ) will attempt to “disqualify” any student athlete who does so.

Except that ….

The Key to the proposal will be in pre-signing so many college players that the NFL/NCAA system cannot deal with, is structurally incapable of dealing with this type of assault this critical mass” because 1) if they move to remove this ‘critical mass’ of players from NCAA colleges those teams will be decimated and their Money Machine will grind to a Halt maybe never to return, at the same time ….

….. 2) the new proposed League will have enough players to represent in a law suit that it becomes a very powerful “class action,” and cost effective to put together the most massive talented multi-firm legal team ever assembled, while 3) in parallel in anticipation of their dismissal these same college players bring a massive civil law suit against the NCAA and the individual colleges involved contending that their illegal action to prevent these young men from playing football will causes each of them millions of dollars through the NCAA’s “illegal restraint of trade” and “monopoly practices” as Co-Conspirators with the NFL.


material & punitive damages

will amount to

law suits in

the Billions

Further devastating the NCAA

The Point is ……

All the hundreds of the best so called “student athletes” playing football, and a second tier of a few hundred more who all live with the Rage that they are getting ripped off by the colleges they play for but have no alternative will finally be presented with a “business proposal” in the best American tradition that based on their frustration will look good and logical and a no-lose scenario for them and then FINALLY the Mother of All Law Suits will be underway.

Why we will never get to this Point …

Because high paid high quality “statisticians” employed by the NFL with a nod to the NCAA will advise the Parties that sooner or later a Scenario like the Above driven by wealthy investors who will see Big Opportunity $$$ for themselves while having Fun “playing football” will leave the NFL and their co-conspirators the NCAA both on shaky ground facing massive loses that would result from “nothing more” than one adverse ruling in Federal Court not over turned by the Supreme Court or lower as the brilliant Judge Schendlin decision was regarding Maurice Clarett

That the Risk is too High

to gamble the Future on

the Status Quo

When it is both unnecessary AND the NFL will be far better served by creating its own Minor League in the USA which will “supplement” the NCAA colleges and give the NFL and specifically the 32 teams “infinite” more flexibility in putting together rosters, keeping all its players playing instead of standing on the Sidelines growing old “just in case” someone gets Injured.

The worst example of this Insanity involves the most important position on the Football Field. Quarterback. Most teams are structurally lacking at Quarterback because their options are so limited under the current “system.” If you have a Starting QB who is anything more than a Total Loser. Chad Pennington is a current example. Any NFL team stays with them because ….

1) they will not risk giving up one of their early round Draft picks when they already have a “proven” (sic ) QB, 2) a new Quarterback will do nothing accept stand on the Sidelines wasting a uniform except if the worse happens, and 3) once you get past the very top QBs in the Draft serious questions are raised about the potential of the Others in the NFL.

All this “logic”

disappears IF

each NFL team has

a Minor League team

where all these players

get to Play.

Even more where players can recuperate. Where under-performing players can be sent. But most of all where a far wider range of players can be housed actually playing football and fed back and forth to the NFL team as required. And where chances can be taken with players who would never be signed to big league NFL contracts initially. Yes who never played college football !

And guess what

Praise the Lord

these NFL minor league teams

will Make Money

become Profit Centers

especially the TV

where exciting play will be Found

( whether or not at the expense of the NCAA )

Will this Scenario ever unfold


Because right now

the NFL is involved in

a Game of Chicken

with the Future

which it might

Lose but

can’t Afford to.

( the NBA has started to learn that Lesson )