Moon Rising

Updated: November 16, 2007


No less Powerful

( in its own way )

that the Awe Inspiring

Sight for those who have Seen

the Full Moon Rising

out of the Deep Black Sea

as if by Magic

Warren Moon’s election to the Hall of Fame, SuperBowl Weekend, is far far Beyond all the other 4 fine players and one Coach who joined Moon as the newest members of the NFL Hall of Fame

Because ……

Moon’s election unless the other 5 is a Milestone in NFL, in Sports History. The significance of Warren Moon becoming the First African American Quarterback elected to the Hall of Fame, is a Coming of Age, a Defining Moment, in African Americans’ dismantling another Barrier in White America.

The fact is …

By now there should be many Black Quarterbacks in the NFL Hall of Fame, Yet until Saturday there were none. And no we cannot repeat that reason too many times. It was and is Bigotry against and Stereotyping of African Americans.

As we have already said here

here first and most

The position of Quarterback in unique in all of Sports. It defines a place that one player has on a sports team that has no duplicate in any other. The Quarterback is the Leader of his team as no other player in any Sport. He is THE image of his Team, And the most respected and sought after.

As we all know

That is the reason for Generations African Americans were prevented from rising to play Quarterback in NCAA Division I and most of all in the National Football League for only one reason …

Impure & Simple

The Color of their Skin

The Color of their Skin. It will never get Old repeating that because of the Color of their Skin African Americans of immense talent so often far greater athletic and leadership talent than their White “Brothers” but playing Quarterback was Taboo because of the Color of their Skin.

Even more Glory

to Warren Moon

That to become one of the greatest Quarterbacks in NFL history this superb athlete went Un-drafted by ANY NFL team and was forced to play 6 seasons in the Canadian Football League becoming the greatest Quarterback in Canadian history

Before …

Warren Moon could get his Chance to play in the NFL

Once here his performance was Awesome

Moon passed for 49,325 yards and 291 touchdowns in 17 seasons in the NFL. He broke in with Houston in 1984 and finished with Kansas City in 2000 after also playing for Minnesota and Seattle.

If Moon had not been denied those SIX additional seasons in his Prime. If he had 6 additional NFL seasons rather than in Canada, there would not even be any Discussion about who is the Greatest Quarterback in NFL history.

Warren Moon

now He is Officially a Legend

and an Inspiration and

Role Model for

Young African Americans


and by the time

that other Moon is Teeming

with Human Life

back here on Earth

Legions of Black Quarterbacks

will have entered the NFL Hall of Fame

Congratulations Warren Moon

One small step …One Giant Leap