McNabb Under Fire Fires Back

Updated: November 8, 2007



The underlying Question

inherent in the word FIRE

posed in the headline above is

will McNabb be FIRED from

his Starting Quarterback job

What we may be witnessing in Philadelphia right now is the Beginning of the End or possibly the End of the End for Donovan McNabb. The Eagles are 3-5 unlikely to be going anywhere this Season and it appears even more unlikely McNabb will be the Quarterback to bring them back in future years.

It is the way of all Flesh

yes even Black Flesh

Donovan McNabb simply isn’t the Real Donovan McNabb any more no matter how much he wants to wish it were so. Sure he is “only” 31 later this month but just as there are dogs years for most Quarterbacks there is a similar equation for longevity. You can see it in Donovan’s play. He has lost a step or two sometimes a lot more. He does not escape on rushing Defense Men the way he once did not that long go. His passes are not as accurate. He needs more time to set up for a Good Throw. And on and on.

Is it the way of all Flesh

yes even Black Flesh

Rather than looking toward seasons to come for McNabb the goal is to keep his Starting QB job for the rest of this season. And worry about the Future later. It may become a daunting task. Once the Eagles’ Brass decide McNabb is no longer their QB of the Future the “temptation” ( cute use of that word ) is to bring in the Under Study and see if he seems to have the Right Stuff to bring Philadelphia Glory in 2008 and Beyond.

Young Kevin Kolb is that Man

( make that White Quarterback )

being groomed to take over

later or SOONER

Let’s not write McNabb’s Quarterback Obituary yet. Or must we. After all let’s remember this once Dominant Quarterback led the Eagles to FOUR consecutive NFC Title Games but only one SuperBowl which they lost. But that was then. And now is now.

The second party of this Story inevitably entangled with it is how Donovan McNabb is trying to keep his job. Other than hoping his performance will be stellar this Sunday and every other Sunday the rest of the Season.

Donovan is doing the very human thing

trying to share the Blame

apportion much of it

among the other


McNabb has been pointing out to anyone who will listen. He is NOT the one who drops passes that should have been caught. He is NOT the one who runs the wrong pattern. And most of he does NOT play Defense and give up points to the other side. Forgetting incidents like his fumble last Sunday leading to a Score.

Actually McNabb is playing DEFENSE in trying to divert negative attention from himself. How much it will work is very very Questionable. Maybe worse it is not considered a mark of LEADERSHIP to blame your teammates even if it is True. Especially for the Quarterback to blame the others. Mostly Quarterbacks leave that to others while ever so transparently “supporting” the Team.

But Donovan may be getting Desperate in a very human be it uncomplimentary way seeing his life as a Starting Quarterback fading before his very eyes. Painfully having to entertain (interesting use of that word) that his best days are behind him. That he might soon be roaming the Sidelines trying to hide from view. Then the next step in the off-season BEGGING other teams to give him a Chance trying to convince them he still has the Right Stuff to Start and Win. It’s worth a Try. Look at Vinny Testaverde !

But in the End SOONER or later it is the way of all Flesh it’s just too Bad when it’s Black Quarterback Flesh while there is still too precious little of it in the NFL FIGHT ON DONOVAN against the Darkness just don’t Blame your Teammates you’ll rise or fall on your own performance they can’t Save you only you can do that Tick Tock Tick Tock

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