Let’s Not Forget The Other Smith ‘Brother’ In The NFL Playoffs

Updated: November 16, 2007





If Anything

Panthers’ Steve Smith

has been more Impressive

than his Black Brother

Denver’s Rod Smith

( who go his Box Wednesday )

While both Smiths have Distinguished themselves in the 2006 NFL Playoffs, if anything, Steve Smith has outpaced Brother Rod Smith. Both Wide Receivers. The Big Question now is will they face off in the SuperBowl in Detroit. Will it be ” The Smith Brothers Show ” in the Motor City ?

It could well Be

If it is to be look for Heroics from both Steve and Rod Sunday. Based on the Playoffs so far the even Greater Heroics are Steve’s best characterized by him destroying the spirit of the Chicago Bears on the second play from scrimmage less than a minute into the game in their Playoff Game Sunday with his ‘easy’ 58 yard Touchdown Reception from QB Jake Delhomme.

It was just the Start for Steve Smith

who had one of the Greatest

NFL Post Season Games

of All Time

12 Receptions for 218 yards and 2 Touchdowns.

The only good news for the Bears is that they only had to play 4 Quarters against Steve Smith. Losing to Carolina 29-21. It would be under-statement to say Chicago lost to Steve Smith. The week before Smith had another stellar performance with 10 Receptions for 84 yards and 1 TD. Although in that game the New Jersey Giants were so bad losing 23-0 Smith could have gone to a Broadway show rather than play football and the Giants would still have been a Bunch of Losers.

Combining Steve Stats stats in the 2 Playoff Games gives him the All Time Record for the most Receptions in Consecutive Post Season Games ( looks like football records keeping is ‘catching’ up with baseball here in the computer age ) AND the only player in NFL history to have 10 or more Receptions in Consecutive Post Season Games in the Same Post Season ( see ).

Why all this is not so Surprising

Look at Smith’s regular season stats

Steve Smith led the NFL with 1563 Receiving Yards while tying young Larry Fitzgerald for most Receptions with 103, and Smith led the League in TDs with 12 beating out Fitzgerald for that Title also, and then blowing away Young Larry in average yards per reception 15.2 yards to 13.7 yards. No wonder Fitzgerald went home weeks ago while Steve Smith is looking toward the 2006 SuperBowl.

Steve Smith’s entire careers should prove one of Superlatives and why this season he just barely lost out to Seattle’s Shaun Alexander for NFL Most Valuable Player. In his 5th pro season it is only in 2005 that Steve really hit his Stride being plagued with some injuries and temper problems in the Past. But now he is moving Forward. And we are likely to see Steve Smith and Larry Fitzgerald battle over the next decade for NFL Wide Receiver Supremacy.

For now while

Larry Fitzgerald watches

the Super Bowl on television

the Two Smith Brothers

will Battle it out Sunday

in Championship Games

different Ones

Steve Smith & Rod Smith

both hoping to Catch passes

to the 2006 SuperBowl.