Knicks’ Three-Ring Circus Limps Back To Town

By Jerald L. Hoover
Updated: November 22, 2007

New York KnicksNEW YORK — The circus that has become the New York Knickerbockers returned to town from a dreadful four-game road trip that resulted in the extension of a losing streak that now reached seven games following another loss Wednesday night.

But, in the midst of the losing streak on the road trip there was a major blow up with former All-star guard Stephon Marbury (who was booed lustily by the home crowd during the starting line up introduction against the Golden State Warriors and for a little while whenever he touched the ball during the first quarter) and Hall of Fame (as a player) and current head coach and team president, Isiah Thomas over playing time.

The incident was reportedly regarding whether a reduced role or coming off the bench was best for the team. Some say it was quite intense and some say fist flew as the team was on the team charter en route to Phoenix for a game against the Suns.

The cloud of craziness seems to overshadow this once proud franchise. Day after day something seems crop up as if it were harvest time on a farm. Sadly enough it seems as though Isiah is always at the center of it.

When you look at teams such as the San Antonio Spurs, Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons (who thrashed them 98-86 Wednesday) and teams of that nature who win consistently their front office and sidelines aren’t the brunt of jokes or the object of controversy.

Sure, it’s New York and there are about nine beat writers that cover and shadow the team from place to place, but if you don’t give them anything negative to write about then it will not be written and pondered about. And in the end, you’ve done your job as a model organization.

The Knicks do have talent. And never mind the talk of whether power forward Zach Randolph and center Eddy Curry can play together. They can play together and they can also play well when one is on the bench. The big guys aren’t the problem with the Knicks.

Small forward Quentin Richardson has a bad elbow and thus his shooting is way off of the mark. Backup Renaldo Balkman has been hobbled with bad ankles. Jared Jeffries was injured in the preseason and has been slow rounding into form. And the guards, sans Nate Robinson have been missing in action. And the word missing should not be taken lightly.

It’s a funny thing, in the summer all of the questions and concerns where centered on Randolph coming to New York after seven tumultuous season in Portland with the Trailblazers. But, he has been a model of consistency with his stellar play on the offense where he dominates the paint area as well as defensively where he is vastly underrated.

The Knicks will have to do some winning quick or else the pressure will mount and heads will began to roll. You can’t trade an entire team but as is custom you can eat the contract of a head coach and fire him.

GAME NOTES: Tuesday night, New York got crushed by the Golden State Warriors 108-82. The play was so bad by the Knicks that the sellout crowd of 19,736 began to chant thunderously, “Fiyah Isiah!” Randolph recorded his seventh straight double double, scoring 15 points and pulling down 16 rebounds. He also had team high 7 turnovers as the Knicks as a whole had 27 turnovers. Former Knicks favorite Charles Oakley who was at courtside was seen shaking his head and saying the word, “no” to his friend Eddy Curry just before the start of the 3rd quarter.