Just Say No Tebow Part 2

Updated: November 29, 2007



There are just TWO

many outstanding

Black Heisman


To WASTE the Heisman on a Sophomore. GUARANTEED if Tebow was Black nobody would be clamoring to make the ultimate “exception” and make him the FIRST Sophomore in the more than 70 year history of the Heisman to win. Listen up Tebow sycophants. Tebow is not God not close even though a bunch of guys with nothing better to do with their time worship their Boy Wonder. GET A LIFE !

A very logical Box

a few days ago making

the case AGAINST Tebow

ignited an electronic

FIRE Storm on

the Internet

Happy to Oblige. And to reward all of you Good Ole Boys (euphemism for you know what) we’re going to be even more emphatic today in exposing the Tebow HYSTERIA for what it is. That’s right we just said it HYSTERIA. It is a well known medical condition that requires immediate attention and strong medication.

We are here for you

Tebow Worshippers

To open your eyes to REALITY. Stop building your lives on the fantasy of some guy whose team has an 9-3 record and is going to one of the Far Lesser Bowls. Florida will end either #10 or more likely #11 in the final BCS standings. Big Deal.

If the Gators were

#1 or #2 and headed for

the BCS Championship

MAYBE you could

make a case for Tebow

as the First Sophomore

to win the Heisman


The fact is if he is “really” good based on the Hype Factor Tebow will EASILY win the Heisman next year as a Junior. Let him PROVE himself as every other Heisman has. Of course his Fans will never tell you they are worried he just might turn into something less next year. Well then there is his Senior year. If he wants to leave school a year early to cash in that’s not the Heisman Trophy’s problem. Tebow is like a little kid who wants it all even worse his Worshippers.

So can we finally get to who

the DESERVING Juniors

& Seniors are the REAL

Heisman candidates not

the Tantrum Kid and

His Followers

Try this List

Pat White

the PREFECT Heisman candidate

Darren McFadden

last year’s runner up

We can hope the Heisman voters are smart enough not to send Tebow a free ticket to New York but that is probably hopeless. Instead if they try to save money and invite only three again. Let it be White, McFadden and Tebow. Let Tebow practice for his trip to New York again next year if he makes it. And let him watch West Virginia’s Pat White win the Heisman because Quarterback Pat White embodies what the award to the nation’s BEST player really stands for an outstanding record, team LEADERSHIP and a team he is leading to the National Championship Game.

But if the God’s want to trick us

with a surprise winner in 2007

a team with a less stellar record

brilliant running back Arkansas’

Darren McFadden is the Man

who deserves that honor

all you Heisman voters

just say NO to Tebow

vote for the Integrity

of the Heisman

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box ……. blackbox@blackathlete.net