Is Shani Davis ‘Disappearing’ From Torino

Updated: November 16, 2007




Shani Davis lives like

he has 2 Strikes against him

and now he may be looking at

Strike 3

NO it certainly is not easy in fact Damn Hard to be a Black Athlete in Winter Sports. Even more so if you are competing in the Winter Olympics. Maybe worse yet if you are Burdened with the Mother from Hell. No doubt Shani is a classic Angry Young Black Man right now. Things are not going Well. Right now.

You decide if he is

at Fault at all or

only a Victim

Let’s cut right to the Present. Them we’ll back track. So to speak. And then punch our way to the Future. But right now as of Saturday the First Day of the Torino Olympics Shani has reason to be Disappointed in a Big Way. He finished 7th in his first Olympic Medals Race the 5000 meter. One of the races he earlier was contemplating Gold for Himself. At least a Medal.

The Question is did TURMOIL

affect his Performance

Which brings us to the related subject of the Gold Medal Winner in the 5000 meter and the new American Darling of these Winter Olympics. Chad Hedrick. Hedrick in a way symbolizes indeed is all of Davis’ problems in many ways.

Before Hedrick almost like “magic” appeared on the scene in recent weeks the Winter Olympics certainly from an American perspective were slated to be all about Shani Davis who in the years, months and weeks leading up to the 2006 Olympics all the way into December. Davis himself and many observers saw Shani as a possible 4 Gold Medal Threat. Certainly a multiple Medal winner.

No more

Chad Hedrick who had no ice skating experience at all until after the Last Winter Olympics 2002 in Salt Lake City which he says he watched on TV while playing Blackjack in Vegas was an in-line skating (roller skating) champion who then got what obviously was the Bright Idea to take his success on one kind of Skate and transfer it to another. One in which unlike in-line skating is an Olympic sport.

And it worked for Hedrick

maybe beyond his

Wildest Dreams

Since momentum began building for the Winter Games the last few weeks it has been HEDRICK THIS HEDRICK THAT HEDRICK EVERYWHERE in the Media. While Shani Davis completely disappeared from Coverage. It has been so Bad his names was not even mentioned during the Opening Ceremonies on NBC Friday night during the Grand Entrance of the large American Team.

Poor Shani

Then Saturday a Disastrous 7th Place in the 5000 Meter while arch-rival Golden Boy Chad Hedrick flew around the Track and Gold. And the wild adulation of the Media. Chad is now Officially the new American Olympic God. Even before he wins the 4 other Gold Medals he is “expected” to Win.

Well maybe 3 now

which brings us back to Shani

but not for the reason you think

NO more Bad News for Shani

in the Media and among “teammates”


Seems one of the “record” 5 Gold Medals Hedrick was “pre-dicted” to Win was for what we will call team or relay speed skating as you prefer. Davis was expected to be part of that “team” along with Hedrick and their combined presence the reason USA was ‘scheduled’ for Gold.

But now Shani says


I’m not here for Any Team

I’m here for Me

Number One

( maybe he’s being schooled by Tiger ?? )

STOP. In fairness to Shani here is his Logic. He is already Beleaguered. He has just had a very very bad outing in the 5000 meter. The Team Race is scheduled on Wednesday just a few days before Davis’ 2 best events and his best opportunities to Redeem himself if not win Gold. Yes Gold !

So if he rather prepares himself DRAINS himself for the Relay Race that handicaps his prep for the 1000 meter and the 1500 meter his 2 best events. Where who will be his main competition that is right Golden Boy Chad Hedrick now favored in both those Races. To win Gold.

But there is yet another Side

( isn’t there always )

Turns out as Sad as it may be for Shani and African Americans the Team Relay may well be Davis’ ONLY real chance for Gold. At this point maybe his ONLY Medal. Should he turn down a “sure” thing. Even more refusing to be a Team Player he is now even more than before Officially The Bad Guy among Team USA and worse with the Media. AND GUESS WHAT ELSE. Chad Hedrick who will race in the Relay is competing in the same 1000 meter and 1500 Meter and Chad does not believe the Team Race will hurt him !!

Then again Chad

is not in TURMOIL

Shani Davis is

Another Difference

Hedrick does not have the Mother From Hell.

( as far as anyone knows )

Whether or not Cherie Davis deserves that reputation among United States Olympic Committee members and most of Team USA. Ms. Davis most certainly must be credited with protecting and defending her son all along the way. Way back to his days as a pre-teen on the Mean Streets of the South Side of Chicago. And Cherie Davis must be Credited with playing an essential role in her son’s success in a sport no African American ever has been an Olympian.

Still there are those who think

she has crossed over to

The Twilight Zone

With all her public Ranting & Raving. What might be the Real Problem here is that for Shani she may have become just another Cross for him to Bear and she may be having the exact opposite impact on his mental state and his Skating than she intends with her Mother from Hell routine. She calls Love.

And then there is More

Shani Davis’ endorsement controversy

Seems Davis’ decided to do what the USOC frowns on. He went out and made a personal endorsement deal with a Dutch Bank. Worse still prominently wearing their Logo on his uniforms. When it seems all the other athletes over 200 of them happily or nor agreed to participate only in the sponsorships the U.S. Olympic Committee approved and are only wearing approved Logos on their uniforms.

Now keep in mind both Davis and his mother contends for years since Shani first starting showing Promise he was treated poorly by the U.S. Olympic Committee officials and hanger ons. And there is no good reason to doubt them. There is NO doubt the USOC is Biased against Black Athletes and for White Athletes. The Winter Olympics have been one more Private Club in America. For Whites.

Anyway no matter what any of this “means”

barring a Miraculous Come Back

it all looks like nothing but

Bad News in Torino

for Shani Davis


Forgive us.

Yesterday we stated there were only 4 African Americans on Team USA in 2002. There were 5 African Americans among the 200+ Americans. And this Olympics in Torino there are 5 African Americans again among the 211 Americans . More about all of 5 past and present in the coming days as your ONLY African American coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics from Torino, Italy.

Keep in mind

The USOC “conveniently” keeps no racial and ethnic records of the American athletes who compete in the Winter Olympics……….

……. Isn’t that ever so convenient to hide their “sins of omission” and of course since many of the members of the 5th Estate the Media are legendary for their Laziness (no not including 2 particular sports reporters at the NY Times ….. or does it ??) unless such data is supplied to them they will never bother to find it.