Is Isiah Thomas ‘Saved’ By Claimed Harassment

Updated: November 16, 2007




Isiah Thomas may be

the latest example

That so often Things are not what they seem to be. Or put another way. What often seems to be a Problem can have unintended Benefits. Regarding a former Knicks female exec’s Claims against Thomas that is for others to decide their validity but as explained so far the facts are not Overwhelming.

Which means that Thomas

Seemingly is in as strong a position to claim he is the Victim as is his Accuser. Under those Circumstances those who have a natural inclination to rally around Isiah should have no Qualms about doing so. So that Thomas can cultivate the image as beleaguered and unfairly Victimized true or not.

But the real story here anyway in the Box

Has nothing at all to do with the Charges or accessing them rather we have another fascinating example of how Turmoil having nothing to do with another Subject in this case the New York Knicks basketball performance as such ….

….. causes Thomas’ blame for the embarrassing record of the Knicks to be put aside as the media and fans and the owners the Dolans concentrate on defending their Man and ..

At this Stage anyway any criticism of Thomas for the Knicks performance – let alone any whispers that maybe Isiah Thomas should move on and the Knicks hire a new President after this season would be greeted as vicious and duplicitous while Isiah has this Burden to bear of defending against personal charges.

There would be howls of Protest

For example if tomorrow James Dolan said to anyone let alone the media that he was growing tired of Thomas, that he was losing faith in the Knicks’ President to do what he was hired to do. Make the Knicks a Winning Team.

After the Knicks first two dismal seasons with Thomas in charge, Isiah bought himself a New Life and blunted all criticism hiring Larry Brown, and also eliminating any talk that Thomas himself should Coach the team which he obviously has no interest in doing, preferring the Executive Life.

As of Wednesday afternoon the Knicks are 13-26 and in Last Place in the Atlantic Division, yes behind the Toronto Raptors, even with a 6 game winning streak to begin the New Year. There are only 2 teams in the entire NBA, Atlanta and Charlotte, with worse records by only 2 games.

It would seem to take a Miracle for the Knicks even to limp into the Playoffs this season obviously to be quickly eliminated. There is more likelihood of them “beating out” Atlanta, Charlotte and Toronto with the worst record in the NBA.

Larry Brown or no Larry Brown

With Brown in the first year of his 5 year contract and with his God like Reputation he isn’t going anywhere even if the Knicks lost everyone of their remaining games. So in the natural flow of Things and Sports it is clearly time for either a real or sacrificial Goat. And Isiah would be the Leading Candidate. If not with Dolan certainly with the sports media and fans.

But that won’t happen now

anytime soon

For Dolan or others to do so would be viewed as “evidence” those critics believe Thomas is Guilty as charged and the real reason there is talk of “retiring” him. So that is not going to happen. Even if this woman drops here legal action which isn’t likely. And more Thomas’ image until now as a player and afterwards does not fit well with the nature and tone of the Charges. But of course as history shows in many instances that is not absolute proof of Innocence.

But for right now

while Thomas would surely prefer

not to be under personal assault

there may be some painful Solace

taking attention from the Knicks’ dismal record

and Thomas’ culpability in it

especially if

he is ultimately exonerated

of these Charges and

lives to fight another Season

Such is the Real World.