Is Golden Boy The Future Of Boxing??

By Tom Donelson
Updated: November 24, 2007

IOWA CITY, Ia. — Shane Mosley fought a great fight against a younger champion and came up oh so short. His fight against Miguel Cotto could have easily gone the other way as both fighters connected on the same amount of punches.

Cotto, the power puncher, actually connected on more jabs and it was Mosley who nailed Cotto with more power punches. In the later rounds, it was Cotto who appeared to be shaken.

Shane Mosley became the third of Golden Boy Promotion’s old grizzly veterans to lose to a younger champion this past year. Marco Antonio Barrera lost to Manny Pacquaio and before that Oscar De La Hoya lost a close fight to Floyd Mayweather.

Golden Boy Promotions is the ultimate promotional organization with super stars forming an alliance to control their own career. Oscar De Hoya invited Bernard Hopkins, Marco Antonio Barrera, and Shane Mosley to join him and the goal was to form a new stable of fighters with fighters guiding other fighters’ career.

Golden Boy worked because it was lead by one of boxing’s most popular fighter-Oscar De La Hoya. De La Hoya’s marquee value sold the company and it helped in setting up immediate relations with HBO.

Now Golden Boy is entering a new phase of the company. As the superstars age, Golden Boy is now looking to a new generation of stars to carry the company forward.

The reality is that the best fighters in the Golden Boy stable are the board of directors: Mosley, Hopkins, De La Hoya and Barrera. The success of Golden Boy came from its founder and his friends. Now De La Hoya has to find younger fighters who can carry the torch from this point.

This year, reality has hit the Golden Boy team. De La Hoya fought a close, tough fight against Floyd Mayweather but he still lost. Barrera lost his second fight against the Philippine fighter Manny Pacquiao and Mosley lost a close fight to Miguel Cotto in a fight that he could have won but he didn’t.

Nor there is any reason to suggest that a second Mayweather-De La Hoya would end any different and Mosley fought as well as he could have but still fell short against Cotto.

So who does Golden Boy have coming up behind the first generation of fighters?

De La Hoya biggest success has been in convincing other good or great fighters like Juan Marquez in joining Golden Boy and is now in the process of trying to snag Pacquiao from Top Rank.

Sometimes it has been observed that beating the Golden Boy or a Golden Boy board of director earns one a shot joining the firm. Both Hopkins and Mosley have defeated De La Hoya while Pacquiao have defeated Barrera twice and is on pace for a showdown with Marquez.

One fighter that they are counting on is Abner Mares, who recent victory on the undercard of Humberto Soto-Joan Guzman over the tough Argentina Damian Marchiano. Mares showed promise as a bantamweight and he certainly has the potential of being a multiple weight division champion.

Other young fighters include undefeated Philadelphia fighters Rock Allen and Demetrius Hopkins. Golden Boy future strategy is based on two premises. The first is to develop a new stable of fighters led by Mares. The second is to convince other superstars to join the company.