Is Buck O’Neil Ready To Enter The Hall Most Say Yes

Updated: November 16, 2007




When was Life ever

Perfectly Fair for

African Americans

( or anyone else )

There shouldn’t be any Controversy about Negro League All Star Buck O’Neil Entering the Baseball Hall of Fame this month. On February 27th. But there is some. If not much. A few Question his career stats. But they ignore his wider Contribution and what qualifies for Hall of Fame membership. Now a days.

Critics also ignore the reality of African Americans in Baseball. NO Buck O’Neil does not deserve “special” treatment by those empowered to consider and choose members of the Negro League(s) for the MLB Hall of Fame.

Just Fair Treatment

Buck O’Neil had an impressive career with the Kansas City Monarchs and others which we will summarize momentarily. But it is because Buck O’Neil is a true “triple threat” he richly deserves Entry and why there should be NO controversy about his Credentials to become one of the Immortals of Baseball.

After his playing days were over becoming the First African American to ever be hired by an MLB team as a Coach. By the Chicago Cubs in 1962. It is a pivotal moment in the Quest for Equality in MLB Baseball ( still not fully realized ).

That in O’Neil overcoming 100 years of discrimination against Black Americans not being selected as Major League Coaches, he broke through another painful Barrier keeping African Americans from the hierarchy of Baseball. O’Neil took a fateful step that later led finally to the First African American MLB Manager.

And there is more

Buck O’Neil is synonymous with and the tireless leader of The Negro League Hall of Fame located in Kansas City, and even now at 94 as O’Neil has for years Buck with unsurpassed Showmanship and skill travels near and far promoting and raising funds for this Institution more responsible than anything else for keeping the history and the memory of the Negro Leagues alive, and insuring that the Negro League will “live” throughout the 21st century and forever more.

So what were Buck O’Neil’s career stats.


Buck O’Neil was twice Negro League Batting Champ. And played a pivotal role in the Monarchs becoming World Champs of the Negro League. In doing so O’Neil had some of the most memorable Negro League World Series performances in League history. He was also distinguished as Player-Manager for the Monarchs. In that duel role between 1948 and 1953 O’Neil led the Monarchs to FOUR Negro League World Championships.

If you want more

just scour the Internet

but you already have enough

to know Buck O’Neil belongs

in the Hall.


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