Hot Sports At Upcoming Winter Olympics Curling

Updated: November 16, 2007





That’s right


We’ve been writing about


since the Box began

the ONLY Black media to ever

write about


Now CURLING is set to be center stage at the Winter Olympics that begin in Turino, Italy late next week and the American CURLING team is all the Rage but of course you won’t find an African American within 3000 miles.

More Black American self-fulfilling


Rather than individual African Americans and better yet rather than a wide variety of African American organizations and schools seeing the opportunity and the value in an obscure sport like CURLING once again Black Americans sit on the hands and allow yet another sport developing a significant following to become as WHITE as the driven snow.

Stop blaming White Folk

For the fact that 90% of the sports played most of them without mass appeal are 100% Lily White from players, to coaches, to sponsors, to fans. The fact that a case can be made that there is Distinct Bias being practiced, and that African Americans would be discouraged if not stoned if they showed up, and even the fact that it is an outrage that the U.S. Olympic Committee does nothing to integrate Olympic sports like CURLING that are All White All the Time ….


Welcome to the Real World

which African Americans

know better than anyone else

CURLING is very very very instructive of the Self Help Vision we are pushing today as we do all the time in the Box. CURLING at the Olympics in Torino is attracting lots of attention and the CURLING matches are selling out their venues better than many other sports.

And NBC will be broadcasting 18 hours of CURLING even though CURLING has never before been broadcast at the Olympics. And no where is there more excitement about CURLING than among the USA teams and their fans as widely reported. Go to the Torino Olympic Website or the NBC Olympic Website or the USA Olympic Website yourself and check out CURLING.

Take a close look at the very average White American men and women all of whom work in the Real World when they are not CURLING and figure out for yourself among these men and women young and not so young why you will not find even ONE African American CURLER. And why in the history of Olympic CURLING there has never ever been an African American on Team USA.

Don’t waste too much time

trying to solve this Mystery

because there isn’t any.


Go find a Mirror


We aren’t even going to tell you

( although we have plenty of times )

That is the Problem

Rather than playing CURLING at championship levels 99.9% of African Americans do not even have a Clue what CURLING is. Who is to blame ?? The White Establishment. Hardly. And the fact that there is not a single Black parent in the entire United States in all of American history who has ever encouraged their young daughter or son to CURL. Whose fault is that. Same answer as above. Look in the Black Mirror.

Big Deal

there will be TWO African Americans

competing in Torino

( not in CURLING )

who deserve

our full support

Vonetta Flowers & Shani Davis


There could be. There should be EIGHT other African Americans in Torino to Cheer. 4 Black male CURLERS and 4 female Black CURLERS representing USA. We started preaching that Message the very day the last Winter Olympics back in 2002 in Salt Lake City ended. Instead if you are still reading the Box 100 years from now in 2106 ( and we hope you are ) want to Bet there still will NOT have been even one single African American CURLER in the Olympics even 25 long Winter Olympics from now.

If there ever was a sport that a handful of African American men and/or women could be competitive in and quickly it is CURLING. With the incentive of going to the Olympics and being the FIRST African Americans to ever compete in CURLING not only can we GUARANTEE …..

both the men’s and the women’s USACURLING team in Torino could have been African American. They could have also become the best funded, most sought after, and media magnets like no other African Americans whoever competed in the Olympics, the Winter Olympics for sure, but maybe any Olympics ever Summer or Winter.

So here is our Advice

watch ALL the Olympic CURLING

broadcast during the next few weeks

and cheer for the USA CURLERS

to win a Medal maybe even Gold

cheer your Brains out for


because it’s NOT their Fault

and you might even learn

something about


( Marcus Garvey forgive our weakness )