Going Uptown To Harlem Maybe The NBA

Updated: November 12, 2007



You must take the A train To go to Sugar Hill way up in Harlem

If you miss the A train You’ll find you missed the quickest way to Harlem

Hurry, get on, now it’s coming Listen to those rails a-humming

All aboard, get on the A train Soon you will be on Sugar Hill in Harlem

Lyrics compliments of Duke Ellington Now Guess What

it just might be

David Stern and his NBA

on their way up to

Harlem Town

or at least so says Bill Rhoden

in Monday’s New York Times

So give a listen: “Harlem, Stern said Saturday, represents a caldron of basketball tradition that would give much-needed weight to the N.B.A.’s seven-year-old D-League, a place teams can send young talent to mature. ” Harlem represents a basketball tradition that for decades and decades and decades has given the N.B.A. so many players,” Stern said in a telephone interview.” As quoted from Rhoden’s article.


if it proves true and if

it proves good for

African Americans

uptown in Harlem

David Stern is a Certified Smart Guy. He keeps broadening the appeal of his BRAND. Be it in merchandising or in extending it around the World. Now he is also turning his attention to INTERNAL expansion more and more with call it what you will but it is the NBA Minor League.

Of course you can’t call it that in Polite Society. Meaning within ear shot of the Cut Throats who operate the NCAA. They go Ballistic if they think anyone might try to take away their African American Cash Cow. All those hundreds of millions of dollars worth of FREE Black labor on college basketball courts.

So let’s call it by its official name the NBA Developmental League or D-League. We categorically deny (right) the NBA has any intention now or for at least the next one million years to in any way lessen your dependence on the NCAA for the bulk of NBA players. OK we said it you’re safe David. NOT.

Think about how dumb it is from the NBA’s perspective to rely on a hodge podge of college basketball programs to develop its Talent. Sure it has worked well or so it seems because College Ball is the only game in town all across the nation. Bu if you were running a very successful business would you really want your “product” completely controlled by an outside group totally “independent” from you and with different objectives and player criteria.

Here is the answer in case

any of our readers have

had recent Lobotomies

the answer is …


So while denying it what is going on is that the NBA is beginning ever more aggressively to develop the D-League, They are also having serious discussions in Detroit as one of many other examples.

But HARLEM is Special

and Stern and the NBA

know it as well as anyone

As much as Harlem is no longer anything like it was when Harlem in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s was the most vibrant “city” in America and many ways and beyond dispute the Black Capital of America. When Duke Ellington and so many other super-talented, successful African Americans reigned. And when the NBA hardly existed and didn’t count for a thing.

When Black Basketball was KING

and Harlem was at the center and

the Renaissance Big Five

The Rens were Supreme

African Americans all

in Basketball

Now it will be interesting to see just how far this talk about a D-League team in Harlem goes and if it develops will it be as BLACK in every way as it deserves to be. Or will it to be “gentrified” as more and more of Harlem is right now. Some predict by 2050 or a lot sooner it might be difficult to find an African American in Harlem unless they are riding a tourist bus.

we have taken you as far as

we can in the Black Box

until there is more

information and

D-velopments now let us give you

directions to Harlem

compliments of Ella Fitzgerald


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