Football’s Wasted Sunday Some Ideas For The NFL

Updated: November 16, 2007





Having gotten

the nation’s attention

( football fans anyway )

With all the Hoopla and yes some good football during the Playoffs culminating in the AFC and NFC Championship Games, then the NFL largely disappears for 2 weeks. For those of us not invited to attend the SuperBowl festivities.

So tomorrow Sunday

Will accomplish only one unintended goal. With NO football being played or broadcast. To remind us that really football is Over until next Fall except for the SuperBowl ‘spectacle’ a week later.

Call it

Wasted Sunday

We see it as a Box issue in that a more imaginative use of this Sunday would inevitably be good for lots of the NFL’s many many African American players and maybe even it’s very few Black Head Coaches. And likewise for college players and coaches as you will now read.

What we mean is

there should be


THIS Sunday

Football in the very same city where the SuperBowl will be played in a week to begin SuperBowl Week and to give thousands of local football fans who have no chance to get SuperBowl tickets the opportunity to attend another Game(s). Even more importantly to be watched on television across the Land

How about

Super Double Header

Let the losers of the AFC and NFC play to try and redeem their Conference Championship loss, gain an award as the 3rd Best NFL Team, and earn another big paycheck. Other sports competitions use this format to great success. And there is every reason to believe the 2 teams will play just as hard as the week before to prove they could have they should have been in the SuperBowl.

And then add a Second Game

a game that should exist

but does not

The College All Star Game

What a great opportunity to let fans get a look at the best NCAA players of the previous season, and give the players, many of whom will be entering the NFL Draft, one more opportunity to impress team executives.

Who would Coach the 2 Teams ?

Obviously the Coaches of the 2 teams that played in the BCS Championship Game in early January. The teams could be separated traditionally as East vs. West with each coach selecting the best players from each eligible college to fill his roster, or more creatively each year the 2 All Star teams might be named in honor of 2 Football Legends and the 2 Coaches free to “draft” whichever eligible players they wish by alternating selections until both rosters are filled.

We might have

( Vince ) Lombardis vs. ( Jim ) Browns

one year for example

The Point is ….

There are TWO very appealing potentially infinitely entertaining games waiting to be created and played that are not. And there is a PERFECT Sunday and the PERFECT venue for both. Wherever the SuperBowl is. The Sunday before. Keeping the nation focused on Football. And pumped for the SuperBowl.

Instead all we get is


with NO football.


As though it even needs to be said of course corporate sponsors AND the tv networks will throw fists full of million dollar bills at the NFL and NCAA for the rights to sponsor both these games.

Everybody wins !

( except the college players who won’t get paid )