Far More Than Olympics In Italy For Vonetta Flowers

Updated: November 16, 2007




On February 21st

in Torino Italy

Vonetta Flowers may become one of the most important African American athletes of all time if after becoming the first Black American to ever win a Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics she once again stuns the United States and the world a second time by winning Gold in 2 women Bobsled in Torino …

but whether she does or not

Italians will hold a special place

in her Heart forever

3 years ago Flowers gave Birth to twin sons Jorden and Jaden. One of those sons Jared was born Deaf and Vonetta and her husband John held out little hope he would ever hear and be normal. Until they traveled to Italy in December not to prepare for the Olympics but to Verona, Italy where Dr. Vittorio Colletti practices medicine. And specializes in hearing disorders.

Dr. Colletti is the only Physician on Earth who performs an innovative procedure referred to as Auditory Brain stem Implants. Dr. Colletti carefully implants special electrodes on the brain stems of very young children making it possible for children born with permanent deafness to hear.

The Flowers Family

spent Christmas

in Italy

The operation can cost $100,000 or more but Dr. Colletti took on Flowers’ son for free waving all his Fees. The device itself costs $25,000. The Flowers medical insurance does not cover this Procedure. Or the equipment.

This week Flower and her son are returning to Verona and Dr. Colletti will activate the electrodes he implanted last month and Flowers will find out just how successful the surgery has been. If the operation turned out well Jaden Flowers may be blessed with normal hearing eventually while requiring a small microphone and a sound processor. But he will not be Deaf.

Let’s all Pray for

Vonetta in Torino

and for Jaden in


And thank Italy for

Dr. Vittorio Colletti


Leading African American sports journalist Bill Rhoden who works for The New York Times may have had his Finest Hour on Saturday ( of course Saturday ) with his Commentary titled “Coaches Are Green, But Just as White.”

Rhoden, just as we have, tears into the NFL and the team owners for not naming even one new Black head coach even though there have been a record 10 openings following the end of the 2005 season.

You should go and read Bill Rhoden’s piece for yourself at The Times Website. But it will cost you Rhoden isn’t for free at the Times.