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Updated: November 14, 2007

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Today’s Black Box

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land

whose boundaries are that of imagination.

That’s the signpost up ahead– your next stop . . .

the Twilight Zone!


This has got to be the most BIZARRE Box ever taking into account this is not about some strange or funny Sport incident we gave the Box treatment to amuse or entertain our many readers. Today’s Box goes to the very heart of Sports in America and involves the single most powerful and important position in any Sport the QUARTERBACK.

And it nothing short of BIZARRE

but more unfortunately very


There is one individual on the face of this Earth who is widely and regularly referred to as the Quarterback GURU. He is so far above and beyond any other individual’s ability to take young boys and turn them into high quality high school and college Quarterbacks and many of them NFL Quarterbacks.

now enter the Twilight Zone

his name is Steve Clarkson

and Steve Clarkson is

AFRICAN American

A who’s who of today’s name Quarterbacks in both Division 1 NCAA and the NFL all were tutored individually by Steve Clarkson as young teenagers beginning with New England Patriot’s Tom Brady. 18 of today’s NFL Quarterbacks were personally tutored by Steve Clarkson. Half of the top 25 current Division 1 NCAA Starting Quarterbacks were all tutored by Steve Clarkson while in high school and younger.

Now let’s take you far deeper

into the Twilight Zone

than you want to go

While there is no list available we can refer to very few and more probably NONE of the young boys Clarkson has literally single-handedly turned into STAR NCAA and NFL Quarterbacks probably NONE of them are African American.

Now let’s go deeper into

the Twilight Zone than

any humans have

ever Traveled

( turn back now if you can’t handle it )

We’ll tell you more about Clarkson but here is the Defining Element in Clarkson’s life and WHY he ultimately became a Quarterback Coach THE Quarterback Coach the widely proclaimed Quarterback GURU ……

you can still turn back in you

can’t deal with the worst case

of HYPOCRISY ever seen

in Sports EVER

Steve Clarkson states without hesitation in interviews as he did on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on the October show October 23, 2007. Clarkson stated as he has often before in answer to the question that what MOTIVATES him and why he has made himself so good better than any of the other many Quarterback Coaches is because …..

He Steve Clarkson NEVER

got a fair opportunity to

Quarterback in the NFL



Clarkson told interviewer John Frankel on the Gumbel Show that after being a star QB at San Jose State College in California and breaking most school records he was offered a try-out by the Denver Broncos but was CUT after just a few weeks of training camp. Clarkson as that point in the interview stated categorically …….

…….. he Steve Clarkson was NOT given a fair chance to make the Denver Broncos as an African American because he was BLACK. And why he could not get a chance with any other NFL team 20 long years ago.

After playing for two years without passion in the Canadian Football League unable to get a chance in the NFL, Clarkson left Football all together and took a regular job back in Southern California until unexpectedly a few years later he began coaching youth football in his free time and after one thing led to another he recognized and more importantly well off parents of young football players realized his talent for Quarterback coaching.

Clarkson proved so good at individually tutoring teen and pre-teen boys that his business grew at a meteoric pace and he created the first ever Quarterback training “school” Air 7 Quarterback Academy which soon became the Air 7 Quarterback University.

To an extent the name is a misnomer while there is some group training as will be explained below Clarkson’s bread and butter in one on one coaching.

Here is Clarkson’s rate sheet

It will cost you $3000

plus expenses for

Clarkson to evaluate

your son and if

the evaluation is good

Clarkson then charges

$300 – $400 an HOUR

plus expenses of course

to coach your son through

high school

Many parents will spend $30,000 – $40,000 for Clarkson’s services for one son who wants to be a successful Quarterback. We could not find any stories of any clients who have ever complained about the cost or the results.

Clarkson also adds to his yearly take with a 9 city Summer Tour which is a 2 weekend group training session for $1400. That has proven so lucrative Clarkson plans to expand the Tour to 38 cities next summer. They are only estimates since Clarkson isn’t talking but the consensus is Clarkson’s personal income for Quarterback Coaching far exceeds $1Million a year. And increasing every year.

Even Joe Montana has hired Steve Clarkson to coach his own son. As have other notable former White NFL Quarterbacks. And get this Clarkson says he already has a deal with former student and Heisman Matt Leinart to coach his brand new boy son down the road when the kid is old enough. In 3 or 4 years ??

If you haven’t figured out why

you are DEEPER into

the Twilight Zone

than anyone has

ever gone in Sports

Let us explained you may be DAZED by now. While Clarkson gives some vague quick Lip Service when he was asked about the fact that there aren’t any African American kids or their parents among his many clients he mumbles something about oh yes he has tutored a few Black kids without naming any names.

The fact is Dear Readers

The GREATEST Quarterback Coach in Football history is AFRICAN American making far more $$$$ than any personal Sports coach has ever made AND WHAT IN FACT HE IS DOING ALL BY HIMSELF MAKING IT MORE DIFFICULT THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN FOR YOUNG AFRICAN AMERICANS to become successful QBs because now more and more talented young Black Quarterbacks must compete against fabulously coached WHITE kids who have been personally coached by AFRICAN American Quarterback GURU Steve Clarkson …..

AFRICAN American Steve Clarkson

who turned his own talent to

Quarterback Coaching because

he never got the chance to

Quarterback in the NFL

because he wasn’t treated

fairly because he was

a BLACK Quarterback

If this “gentleman” had any integrity even just a small shriveled up Soul Steve Clarkson would take this wealth he has been Blessed with and maybe devote 10% of his time to young African American Quarterbacks no matter what they could afford to pay and make just 10% of his students African Americans and each summer host a few of his Quarterback Camps for Inner City kids free.

But of course Clarkson won’t

What will all his RICH White clients think IF he is training Black kids to compete against their sons and what will his RICH White clients think IF they are paying him $20,000 – $50,000 or more and Clarkson is providing the same coaching to some African American kids for far less maybe even nothing.

It simply isn’t good for business

and the MERRY – go – round keeps

going round and round

here in the far reaches

of the Twilight Zone

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box ……. blackbox@blackathlete.net

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