Eddie Extraordinaire!

By Willie Cochran
Updated: November 16, 2007

Eddie Murray New Jersey— Eddie Murray, one of the best hitters to ever play Major League Baseball was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday.

Cooperstown opened its doors to the 21-year veteran in a two and a half hour ceremony that honored him and catcher Gary Carter.

Murray was not a flamboyant player, who was outlandish on and off the field to draw attention, which is why most do not know a lot about him. He was a very quiet, humble player who showed his talent on the field and then did not much to say about it afterwards.

Murray finished his career as a Three-Time Gold Glove first baseman, seventeenth in homeruns with 504, eighth in Runs Batted In with 1,917, and twelfth in hits with 3,255.

With outstanding career like this one there was actually a question of whether Murray would be a first ballot Hall of Famer. This reason was his policy of not really speaking to reporters. People feared that some of those same writers that Murray ignored during his playing days would look past his on-field performance and judge him for his social performance with them.

Fortunately they did not and Murray earned his place in Cooperstown and was able to joke about his non-existent relationship with the writers. Joking around, Murray said that, Ted Williams, who also had a poor relationship with the writers and still made it to Cooperstown. Murray said, “I guess in that way, I’m proud to be in his company.”

Murray also during his speech showed enthusiasm for the Orioles fans that chanted “Eddie,” throughout the day. That was the same chant that Murray admitted, during his playing days, he did not like because it distracted him from his at-bat and all he could think about was his name. In fact by the end of his speech, he said that he wanted to end it with a chant of his name.

Eddie Murray came full circle on Sunday conquering the writers, finally accepting the praise from the fans and the prize of being elected to the Hall of Fame.