Dynamic Duo Fitzgerald & Boldin Fly High In Arizona

Updated: November 16, 2007





Some teams are Blessed

with one Great Receiver

but Two who

may become the Best

in the entire NFL

Very Rare

Larry Fitzgerald who did not have a Rookie of the Year season upon entering the NFL in 2004 ( OK but … ), would have been in the running if there was a Sophomore of the Year Award in the NFL ( not a bad idea ! ).

If there was

Luckily for Fitzgerald Arizona Cardinal Receiver Anquan Boldin is in his 3rd season. Both had spectacular seasons for the 5-11 Arizona Cardinals. At this point it is impossible to decide which of these 2 Stars in the Making will have the better Career when all is said and done. 10 or 15 years from now.

Certainly if there was an Award

For best young NFL “Duo” Boldin & Fitzgerald win.

Knowing that is not likely to make the Cardinals 2006 opponents Happy. It is likely Fitzgerald & Boldin will ‘double handedly’ be the margin of Victory in game after game next year if Arizona is to have a “date” with Destiny . If Arizona rises to the Occasion and squeaks into the Playoffs both will get the Credit.

As for this past season …..

Fitzgerald and Boldin became only the 6th pair of NFL teammates in history to each gain more than 1300 yards in a season Receiving. Even more impressively they are only the 2nd pair of Receivers on an NFL team ever to both make 100 Catches in a season.

Here is the Low Down on Both ….

Larry Fitzgerald, 16 games plated. 103 Catches for 1409 yards. For 10 TDs, averaging 13.7 yards per Carry. His longest Reception 47 yards, with 4 of 40+ yards. And 27 Catches for 20+ yards.

Anquan Boldin. 14 games played. 102 Catches for 1402 yards. For 7 TDs, averaging yes 13.7 yards a Carry just like Larry ! His longest Reception 54 yards., with 5 of 40+ yards. And 21 Catches for 20+ yards.

Call them Evenly Impressive.

Now imagine the Impossible that both of them approach or surpass 2000 yds. Receiving in 2006. That might well require a Hot New Quarterback grabbed in the 2006 Draft. One of the Black Quarterbacks who will still be available when Arizona gets its 1st Pick. They are #10 in the Draft.

To put that in perspective over a 16 game span both Fitzgerald and Boldin would have to average a little under 40 more yards Receiving per game than the 2005 season. A significant improvement but not out of the Question.

The Incentive would be this

with Fitzgerald & Boldin

tearing up the League

with those numbers

it would be


to keep the Cardinals

out of the Playoffs.

They Both might be

that Good

Better get NFL Sunday Ticket !