Dimensions Of Racism At Duke

Updated: November 16, 2007






This is just as much the Reality

of college sports

as the carefully choreographed images

we are Fed all the Time

What happened just off campus at Duke University early in the morning of March 14th when the celebrated nationally recognized Duke Lacrosse Team assembled for a party, to have “some fun” and hired a young Black woman to Dance for Them.

The result

These young white athletes and students some from the finest and wealthiest families from around the country with professional parents many leading citizens in their communities in business, civic affairs, law, medicine, etc. up to 46 of these cultured white young men first verbally abused this Black woman, then savagely beat her then gang raped her.

The ONLY member of the Duke Lacrosse team not implicated

the ONLY one not at this Rape “party”

the ONLY player not required to take a DNA test

the ONLY Africa American on the Team

the ONLY one on the 47 member Team

Freshman Goalie Devon Sherwood

from Baldwin High School

Long Island, NY

The Police investigation of this brutal crime against this Black woman has only begun. But beyond the horrible pain and suffering of this young African American woman and the aggressive prosecution and jailing of the perpetrators, Duke University’s responsibilities go FAR beyond cooperating with the criminal investigation.

FAR FAR Beyond

Beginning by expelling every student who participated in this “party” whether or not they are indicted for the actual beating and rape. If they even ‘simply’ stayed and “enjoyed” the party and did not report the crime they must be EXPELLED. There is nothing further to be discussed about them. Other than immediate Expulsion.

That is just for Starters.

So far the team has forfeited its next two games.

Big Deal.

The current team must be Disbanded at once

Likewise Duke University President Richard Brodhead’s official statement is a travesty of understatement which can lead to the Concern he will do everything possible to minimize the impact of both the Crime and the Incident.

Duke President Brodhead in his own words

when installed as President …..

“Duke is also a place that takes seriously its role in the wider community — Durham and the Triangle in particular and North Carolina more generally. Duke’s roots run deep, and its students share a strong tradition of service, a sense of connection with our increasingly global society and a love of the social experience of college — as evidenced by their justifiable enthusiasm for our teams. ”

Now here is his Statement about the Incident …

“The facts are not yet established, however, and there are very different versions of the central events. No charges have been filed, and in our system of law, people are presumed innocent until proven guilty. We also know that many members of the team, including some who were asked to provide DNA samples, did not attend the party.”

Here is the Reality

President Brodhead

For starters with a Lacrosse team that has 46 of 47 players who are WHITE and the only African American is a Freshman, says volumes about the Climate at Duke and as reflected through the NCAA colleges. There is NO policy of inclusion and diversity at Duke. Which fosters a Climate where dozens of WHITE students, members of the Lacrosse team find it quite acceptable to hire a Black woman to dance for them for their amusement and hurl ugly racial slurs at her.

Whether or not all of them beat and raped her.

There is a pervasive reality as we have documented in the Box again and again and at BASN that other than in football and basketball and a few track sports African American students are clearly UNWELCOME in the vast majority of the Sports played at most Colleges. Lacrosse is a “perfect” example.

The very fact that University President Brodhead can tolerate a Lacrosse team with 46 of 47 players being WHITE underscores the Depth of the Problem. And it runs very Deep. What Duke is doing is “educating” (sic) these students athletes that it is fine to live and play in a virtually all WHITE world and as we just saw for the zillionth time ..

….. that leads to dehumanizing African Americans to the Point that these “students” believe it is acceptable and even “fun” to “enjoy themselves” verbally assaulting a Black woman then some of them beating and raping her.

Not a WHITE woman President Brodhead as

terrible as that would be but

they specifically chose a BLACK woman

to degrade and savage

these cultured white college students

” from the best families ”

Unless Duke University should be judged as Dirt forever more where no one other than Racists should send their Children if not Mr. Brodhead you need to quickly announce an ACTION Plan for Duke beginning with a high quality panel of White and Black leaders from beyond the Duke “family” to investigate the climate at Duke and make binding recommendation for Duke to Change.

Let them begin with a very simple analysis

determine how many African American

male and female students are

players on every team

at Duke

What will they Find when they do

President Brodhead ?