Death At An Early Age NFL Lies Exposed

Updated: November 16, 2007




It is Amazing

that the NFL is allowed

to get away with telling the World

There is NO health risk in being a 330 lb. + NFL lineman

until Now

The Scam is Over

While we are days away from the end of this NFL season let us remind you if you have forgotten how this season began. With the Death of San Francisco lineman Thomas Herrion, weight 315 lbs. PLUS, who collapsed and died after an exhibition game in August of heart Failure

What we now have this week is the best and most exhaustive study of the health or lack thereof of NFL players commissioned and just released by the Scripps Howard news service.

They studied and tracked the deaths of 3,850 pro football players over 100 years and found that 130 of the players died before the age of 50. Way above the average for Americans in general. Most of them in recent Decades.

Here are some of their very discouraging findings directly from the Scripps-Howard study ….

Twenty-eight percent of all pro-football players born in the last century who qualified as obese died before their 50th birthday, compared with 13 percent who were less overweight.

One of every 69 players born since 1955 is now dead.

Twenty-two percent of those players died of heart diseases; 19 percent died from homicides or suicides.

Seventy-seven percent of those who died of heart diseases qualified as obese, even during their playing days, and they were 2 times more likely to die of coronaries than their trimmer teammates.

Only 10 percent of deceased players born from 1905 through 1914 were obese while active. Today, 56 percent of all players on NFL rosters are categorized as obese.

The average weight in the NFL has grown by 10 percent since 1985 to a current average of 248 pounds. The heaviest position, offensive tackle, went from 281 pounds two decades ago to 318 pounds.

You can go on-line and read the entire study for yourself. And be impressed by the laudatory effort Scripps-Howard made. And lots of detail and hard statistics to back up all their Claims. You can do that but it is unnecessary.

The one overwhelming finding that says it all …

56% of ALL NFL players today are Obese.

That is an Epidemic

afflicting African Americans most of All

and it is all because the NFL and

the 32 NFL teams encourage

in fact reward


players at many positions

as they will once again

at the 2006 NFL Draft

the FATTER the “better”

the Quicker you get Drafted

and if you are a Lineman

weighing less than 300 lbs.

might as well stay home

Shame on the NFL &

Commissioner Tagliabue