DC Stadium Sucker Deal Confirmed

Updated: November 16, 2007





After humbling Alfonso Soriano

forcing him to play the Outfield

or be Black Listed

The African American residents

of Washington DC have

suffered much the same Fate

Estimates were released Wednesday by DC Mayor Tony Williams chief financial officer at City Hall projecting that once the new Nationals stadium is built, up and running the City’s projection are that it will generate revenues of over $200 Million a season just from baseball operations.

That is in line with the DC franchise generating almost as much revenue as the 2 top producing teams in Major League Baseball the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. In other words the new ball park will be a Cash Cow for the team owners.

Well good for them

Capitalism at work ?

Think again

It’s Voodoo Capitalism

Despite an overwhelming chorus of Opposition from within Black Washington, Mayor Williams and a pliant majority of the City Council, rammed a stadium deal down the City’s throat. As you have read here time and again as we have religiously followed the story of the DC franchise the last 2 years, the City is paying to build this $600+ million stadium with an insignificant contribution from the team but the City will own the new sports palace in name only. And not even the naming rights !

The control of the stadium and virtually all its income sources year round will be the “property” of the team, the new owners. Bud Selig and the Boys argued rather threatened that unless the City paid for building the stadium by creating some new taxes the team would leave town after just arriving that they could not possibly afford to build the new stadium they were demanding, with their own money.

Of course not

Why would they when they knew if they huffed and puffed the Stupid Mayor, some rather label him the Bought & Paid For Mayor, would insure them a City financed stadium. In those “negotiations” or in the media NEVER was the issue of the revenue the stadium would generate ever discussed. Even though it would seem even to a Total Idiot (sorry Mr. Mayor) the revenue figure would be all important in analyzing who should pay and who should benefit from the new stadium.

But that was not done.

Only after this “deal” was finalized

are the revenue figures


And here is the point if you have not gotten it already. With baseball operations generating $200 million a year and that is just initially ( not 10 years from now when it will be far higher simply based on ‘normal’ increases in prices ) and not including all the money the team will pull in from other events during and especially after the baseball season, the team could easily finance this $600+ million stadium themselves.

We’re not financial experts here

but we don’t need to be

With $200+ million annual revenues from baseball operation, and not including lots more from other operations, with 30 year financing which would be reasonable for a state of the art 21st century stadium, the team could have paid for and owned the stadium as well paying the banks or business development bond holders $30 Million a year at most. To pay off the financing.

Still leaving them with $170+ million operating income and far more in later years, and they would have owned the stadium as well. But why bother. More to the point WHY give up $30 million in income when the City of DC will give you a FREE stadium and still let you keep ALL the profits.

It’s a Deal made in Heaven

for the Team

by Idiots

back here on Earth

in DC

And it gets worse

With these phenomenal income projections Major League Baseball which still owns the team but will soon sell it to private investors will likely get even more than the very very handsome $450 million expected before these new numbers came out.

So in the End

Major League Baseball

makes out like Bandits

the 29 team owners

who own the team

make out like Bandits

the group that buys the Team

will make out like Bandits


whenever there are Bandits

there are Crime Victims

Our condolences to

The Good People of

Washington DC