Crunch Time

By Bruce H. Edwards
Updated: November 19, 2007
Richard Williams
Richard Williams

LEXINGTON, KY.— Well, sooner or later you knew the talent would take over as the Yankees are on cruise control. And remember one thing…Nobody has more money than the Boss.

The National Hockey League and Major League Baseball are big money sports industries that have drafted teenagers out of high school for years. Several professional tennis players are under the age of eighteen so stop with the whining about teenagers in the NBA.

Oh no Richard Williams wasn’t on international TV with no teeth in his mouth.

C’mon now, is anybody really surprised Mike Tyson is broke. Speaking of Boxing, when was the last time you saw a double left hook-right hand cross-left hook combination…Where oh where has the sweet science gone?

Major League Baseball needs to do something on the grandest scale to honor the life and career of Buck O’Neil, the last living superstar from the Negro Leagues. I’m not trying to be the grim reaper but Buck needs to have his day from the entire baseball world before he joins his illustrious contemporaries.

Hockey thug Todd Bertuzzi should be convicted and sent to the big house for his punk move attack on Steve Moore. This will give him a different perspective on being hit from behind.

I’ll call Phil Jackson a genius when he coaches Golden State , Orlando , New York , Seattle or some other sorry squad minus a few superstars to a championship.

How would you like to feel like David Beckham?

If college baseball wants to get more people to watch their games they’ve got to go to wooden bats. That “ping” sound when the aluminum bat hits the ball is what the beer drinkers can hear from little league games in their neighborhood.

Only one men’s basketball player has graduated from the University of Cincinnati in Bob Huggins 13 year career there…One…You’re kidding right? Just One?

Only one player from a HBCU was taken in the NFL and NBA drafts…One…You’re kidding right? Just One?

Don’t you wish the Knicks were competitive just so we could see them on TV more often? Looking at New York celebrities in the crowd would be a welcome change from the same old (back to Showtime days) celebrities at Laker games.

Oh yes he was.