Could He Become The Best QB Of All Pat White

Updated: November 16, 2007





It’s far too Soon for

Vince Young to step aside for

Pat White

but come back in 3 years

you might be looking at

The Best College QB

of them All

While all eyes were on Texas Wednesday night a remarkable Bowl Game took place Monday night after Ohio State’s stirring defining win over the Notre Dame Irish which featured another Top Black QB Buckeye Troy Smith. After which the Sugar Bowl presented 2 African American Quarterbacks. The only Major Bowl Game to do so. Georgia’s DJ Shockley and West Virginia’s Pat White.

Georgia ranked #8 was expected to have an very easy time with West Virginia #11. But it did not turn out that way as the Mountaineers upset the Bulldogs 38-35 by devastating Georgia building up a 28-0 lead early in the game Georgia could not overcome. Although Georgia QB JD Shockley almost pulled it off.

More remarkable than the score or the upset was the first look for most of America of West Virginia’s Freshman African American Quarterback Pat White. Who put on a dazzling show of passing, running and most of all Leadership.

And confirming the depth of the emerging African American Juggernaut at Quarterback in college and pro football. Because White is another example of a Black Quarterback who comes out of “nowhere” to take command. Penn State’s Michael Robinson another Perfect Example.

Neither was expected to be their team’s Starting Quarterback before the 2005 season began. Both ended the season leading their teams to Glory. Robinson toiled for 3 seasons waiting for his break while playing other positions for Joe Paterno but QB did not come till his Senior year. Then with Robinson at QB his prowess resulted in Penn State’s magical finish as the #3 team in the nation.

And there seem to be more and more stories with each passing season of unheralded young African Americans who have received little or no attention who Surprise everyone by showing up as their team’s new Starting Quarterback.

White’s story if anything might be more Astonishing. In that he is a Freshman and did not get his first start until the Mountaineers 8th game this season and then led them flawlessly for 5 games to the Sugar Bowl and their win over Georgia.

When a Quarterback displays White’s talent, skills, drive, unstoppable energy both throwing and running the Ball as Freshman the Future of college football for the next few years needs to be reevaluated with Pat White as a major factor and we are left to wonder and wonder some more just how Good White may become with another 2 or 3 years of college ball.

For starters his name has to be added to the very early preliminary Heisman Lists for 2006 even though he will only be a Sophomore next year. Even though no Sophomore has ever won the Trophy. And more over West Virginia’s potential in 2006 to make itself a Top 10 team and even make a run for the National Title must be considered factoring in that the Mountaineers might have the Best Quarterback in the NCAA next season.

Yes this is High Praise

for a Freshman Quarterback

who emerged out of Nowhere

yet very Believable if

you watched Monday night’s

Sugar Bowl

How Sweet it was !