Can Vince Young Become The New Black Savior

Updated: November 16, 2007




With Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

being the Center of Attention

these last few days

It’s a good time

to address

African American Saviors

Black Americans who have, more to the Point may in the Future make a seismic difference in Society. Since we do Sports here we’ll stay with Sports looking for New Saviors. As in individuals with special talents and opportunities to change Reality if they rise to the Occasion.

There is no one Currently

no one in Sports

since Jackie Robinson

with as much Potential as

a Transformational Leader

as Vince Young

Let’s begin by Dismissing those Brain Dead sports journalists, yes including some who even write for BASN ( who aren’t Brain Dead we should add ), who recommend that Young go play for the Tennessee Titans.

You know our Refrain by now

everyone in our ‘Greek’ chorus together


Yes they say Steve McNair plays QB for Tennessee and McNair is such a role model for Young won’t it be great for Young to stand on the Sidelines for the next 3 years praying for McNair to retire so he can play. Or watching McNair move on to another team because Young pushes him aside.

( or do they believe McNair at 32 will give up his career for Young’s )

Case dismissed

But that is Sidebar ( court talk ). The real point is that HOUSTON is Young’s Destiny. Only in Houston with the backdrop of playing in, of Leading the Team in his own City can Vince Young take his exploits on the Gridiron and turn them into Real Power in Sports and on the streets of Houston.

What’s that ????

Young just wants to play Football. Stop throwing other stuff on him.

That’s the Point !

Vince Young already Legendary the way only Sports can do being our modern day Religion. Young can make a choice “just to be a football player” as so many others do OR accept the mantle of Leadership as Dr. King and Jackie Robinson did and orchestrate his career to the Greater Good.

In Sports & Beyond

As the great young Quarterback in HOUSTON far more than anywhere else he will be Center Stage, right at the Center of Power in one of America’s most powerful cities. If he chooses if he will Lead he can take that Leverage and prove to all other African American athletes no more back of the Bus when it comes to opportunities for Black Americans in the Sports Industry.

Young can have the Power to Stand up and convince hundreds of other pro African American athletes to STOP living in “fear” with all the superficial bravado still “fearful” of annoying The Man by making Demands that go beyond their personal bank accounts. Unwilling to speak up.

Vince Young can have the Power to stand in Houston and then in every other City before a herd of media and clearly express his Great Disappointment there are not more African American head coaches, team executives, broadcasters, and no Black owners, and in fact he is going to get involved in convincing his fellow Black players in the NFL to take up All these Causes.

Young setting The Example

for others to learn

Then he can do much more.

Take his Celebrity and his Success and his stature as a Son of Houston into the streets and the boardrooms as well far beyond the Gridiron, with the assistance of others, to craft a Message of 21st century empowerment for African Americans and everyone in Houston. In particular the 75% at the bottom of the Barrel.

Vince Young if he Choices can be the NEW example of African American success in Sports in the 21st century. The model others want to Follow. Young can decide it’s not really Football he is playing but Life and a Starring Role on the Biggest Stage in America NFL Football.

The popular book and perennial best seller ” The Tipping Point ” is all about and filled with stories about what is as old as Time, that at some Point we reach a Point that all the universe is aligned so that one single action, one individual at the right place at the right time Changes Everything. The Tipping Point.

Vince Young can go

where others have not

and none in Sports since

Jackie Robinson

He is at the Right Place

at the Right Time

if he stays in



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