Updated: November 2, 2007

A journalistic “institution”

it is reported will begin

it’s next 150 years of

publication with its

next issue December

savaging Michael Vick

They plan to do something they have never done. Because it is so unprofessional juvenile and far below normal journalistic “standards.” They will take their own glowing article about Vick from 4 years ago and use it to visually and verbally mock him. REprinting and tearing apart their own article inserting childish cross outs adding infantile new commentary.

The point is it is the kind

of mockery and viciousness

they have NEVER ever

applied to the thousands

of other notables they have

written about no matter

their crime or deviant


It is the latest and most graphic call it tasteless example of how Vick is being demonized beyond all bounds of reason. WHAT IS OUR REFERENCE POINT ? That’s a very easy question. Individuals who have committed the most dastardly crimes against humans and society have not been subject to the public and media retribution Michael Vick is being.

He is being savaged in such a way

the upcoming December issue of

Atlantic Monthly an example

that RACE must be factored in

They are going after a Black Man with the ferocity we would not be seeing if it were Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Absolutely NO doubt about it. Would they have been prosecuted for the same crimes as Vick probably but NOT definitely. Would they have been sentenced to jail. Possibly but NOT definitely. Would they have faced double jeopardy being prosecuted in both federal and state court separately for the same crimes. Possibly but most likely NOT.

Would Manning or Brady

have been savaged by

broadcasters and

journalists as

Vick has


Brings brings us to some very thoughtful comments by readers of the New York Times commenting on a Times Blog about the upcoming Atlantic Monthly abomination.

Comment #1

“I do not believe what M. Vick did was right, but I am having a hard time swallowing the hostility toward him. I know that animal abuse is wrong and he should be punished for his actions, but I have read about serial killers that were not vilified as this man has been. ”

Comment #2

“This is lame and dishonest. They’re not taking anything back or ripping their own coverage. They are blaming Vick for somehow making them believe he was fit for the Nobel Peace prize. “

Comment #3

” it seems there’s a lynch hunt after this guy…I am not a football fan, much less of Vick but cant understand the avalanche of animosity being directed towards this guy…all right, he directly or indirectly did some sick things but he’s publicly apologized and now is going to be penalized by the legal system…lay it off already”

These along with many others

The fact is Michael Vick

should have been suspended

and fined for what he did

maybe even a few months

jail time but instead he is

being made the victim of

a level of hatred and

retribution rarely seen

for far more destructive

activities and the issue

the issue of Atlantic Monthly and

the larger issue of his treatment

cannot be avoided either

Michael Vick is Black

there is no need to

make this Box

any longer

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