Boycott American Baseball Imperialism

Updated: November 16, 2007





As we predicted a month ago

the Bush Administration is Adamant

In its determination to keep Cuba out of Major League Baseball’s ( so called ) World Baseball Classic. Cuba answered Washington’s disingenuous claim that it opposed Cuba playing because U.S. Dollars might flow to Cuba. God forbid. Cuba responded with an air tight guarantee any Dollars that might accrue to Cuba as result of playing will ALL go straight from MLB to the Katrina Relief Fund.

Nothing has changed

Bush still says


Big Surprise

Washington inserting itself in an international sports competition that it has no part in has nothing to do with some brain dead “law” about sending Dollars to Cuba. That was just a convenient subterfuge that was quickly and easily exposed by Cuba’s complete willingness to forsake any economic benefit every one of the other 15 teams entered will gain from their participation.

As we published in the Box ( and presented no where else ) and as Castro himself said this week correctly the Bush Administration’s ultimate FEAR is Team USA playing Team Cuba most of all for the World Cup itself !

That is the defining issue for Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and all the Right Wing Whackos who now own the American Government, warmly encouraged for extra effect by the fat rich right wing Cuban exiles in Florida, New Jersey and elsewhere who dream of swooping back into Cuba on Castro’s Death and reviving those “Good Old Days” before the Cuban Revolution when Cubans knew the “true” (sic) meaning of Wealth & Servitude, and America was #1 on the Island.

The excitement and goodwill that would be generated by USA and Cuba playing for the new Baseball World Cup does not fit with any of the aforementioned individuals and groups plans for Cuba or the United States. Hatred and loathing are their favorite game and Baseball alien to their Pastime.

And worst of all


The very possibility inherent in Cuba being allowed to play that Cuba might possibly if not even be favored to WIN the World Cup and become the true World Champions of Baseball. Bushies are not willing to entertain that “nightmare.”

Here’s the Problem President Bush

you can’t win this Game

no matter what you

do to Cuba

The United States standing in South and Central and Caribbean America is in Shambles. The entire land mass from the U.S. Mexican border South from the Atlantic to the Pacific all the way to the southern tip of South America is pulling further and further away from American influence. In most of these dozens of nations large and small anti-American sentiment is at an all time high and growing.

The Bush Administration Lording it over the Cuban Baseball Team will resonate far far beyond that one Island throughout South & Central America and the Caribbean a powerful nasty symbolic insult and example of unbridled American Imperialism that will do our country more short and long term Damage that many of the more significant American incursions to the South.

South , Central and Latin America are clearly and adamantly on a path in the 21st century alienated from the United States and U.S. Foreign Policy, building futures individually and collectively to undermine American credibility even more than it already is not only in this Hemisphere but Worldwide.

In this Void created by reactionary right wing policy makers in Washington, countries like China, Japan, India, Russia, Europe, Middle East oil states and others are rushing in to befriend South Americans and Latin Americans and will have far greater influence in the Southern Hemisphere in the 21st century than USA.

And all of us who have NO say

in Bush’s Washington will

suffer and pay the Price

In reduced American influence and increasing hostility to the United States and with business and jobs that would have otherwise come to the U.S. in the coming decades will be directed all over the World except here as South and Central America grow and grow and become ever more significant.

The Point is …..

Sports are Life

And this particular Chapter is even more of an example of the many many others we have covered. Because the relationship is so direct and unambiguous. Bush is clearly and pointedly using Baseball to push his disastrous international agenda and displaying American Imperialism in its bluntest most direct form in deciding it has the right to decide who can play in a world sporting event.

The only adequate response

if this Incursion is not Reversed

is for All Americans

of Goodwill and

who care about

our Future to


this Sham World Cup

Baseball Imperialism

at its Worst.