Box & One With Kevin Durant

By Wesley Chism Jr.
Updated: November 5, 2007

SEATTLE — The Kevin Durant era has officially begun with the Seattle Supersonics and the fans love him! It’s almost as if people are sitting on the edge of their seats every time that he gets the ball anticipating something magical to happen.

“I am just excited to be here and a part of the Seattle Sonic organization as many of the fans have shown that appreciation for me,” stated Durant. He appears to fit in nicely with his teammates and although he’s known for scoring, he loves to pass the ball. “That allows me to become a greater threat, forces the defense to play me honest and most importantly gets the rest of my teammates involved.”

How can you not like this guy? “Kevin comes to practice with a great attitude, prepared to work and eager to learn with unlimited potential says Sonics Head Coach P.J. Carlesimo.

He wants to be, “that guy” who can take over when the game is on the line and is working hard to obtaining that type of respect from his teammates and staff, Coach Carlesimo added.

The last home game during preseason with just less than three minutes left in the game, Kevin tweak his ankle and had to be carried off the court. It was so quite in Key Arena that you could’ve heard a pin drop. After the game he had a huge boot on that reached his knee, they said it was just a small sprain.

I asked Kevin, “What were the thoughts going through his mine as he headed to the locker room? To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect and I always try to keep a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances might be. You can’t play in this league, to your full capability, worrying if you are going to get injured.

Durant does have one of the smoothest jumpers that I’ve seen in a long time and he isn’t afraid to pull the trigger. On the depth chart my only concern would be his weight, let’s just say a few extra pounds wouldn’t hurt him. As pure a shooter as he is, I just don’t know or haven’t seen if he’s capable of posting anyone up or creating his own shot.

Watching Kevin on the court and throughout the game you can see, in spurts, flashes of things to come. He is an intense player and is being Coach by one of the best teachers in the game, P.J. Carlesimo, “that has made my transition from college to the NBA very comfortable for me” stated Kevin.

It is just so hard to remember that this young man, Kevin Durant is only 20 years old with confidence in which he carries himself. He is truly something special and we can all sit back and look forward to watching him develop.