Bloody Sunday Corruption Of The NFL

Updated: November 16, 2007





One accepted definition of a democratically functioning society is that it has a legitimate impartial legal system so that those who live in a country have some confidence they will be treated fairly. That the laws will not be used to insure an outcome favorable to the more Powerful.

For African Americans

throughout history

it has been a particularly Painful


For all Americans …


Failed that Test


And it calls into Question the entire Legitimacy of the most successful profitable pro sports enterprise on Earth. It highlights the many other Festering Problems and Questions constantly raised about the NFL and its ‘culture.’

There were SEVEN incidents involving Sunday’s SuperBowl game that collectively and without doubt make the case that the outcome of the Championship was manipulated to favor the Pittsburgh Steelers winning.

And those Charges

shake the very Foundation

of the NFL

to it’s Core

5 times during the Game calls were made at critical moments that were so Blatant in their unfairness and in violation of game rules that for those of us who saw and then reviewed again and again each play can be left with no Doubt but that the Officials involved purposely incorrectly made their Rulings.

The 6th and 7th items while not on the Field every bit as much makes the case against the NFL and emphasize the manipulation on the Field. Throughout the First Half of the Game again and again and again at intermission after intermission Pittsburgh Steelers were shown embracing caressing the SuperBowl Trophy. We waited and waited some more to see similar footage of Seattle Seahawks players but all we got were more images of Steelers embracing the Trophy.

Then after the Travesty, after the presentation of the Vince Lombardi Trophy (while he spun in his Grave) the broadcast turned to the Cadillac Post Game Show for which no doubt Cadillac paid a Load to sponsor except there was NO Show. These 4 well paid analysts who had waited all game for their moment of Glory to give all of us their views of the Game we had just seen ….

were summarily cut off.

There post game show amounted to nothing but the time for them to say a fast “good bye.” Following this scam game Ladies & Gentlemen of this Jury it made perfect sense in a very perverse way. With so many fans sitting in front of their screens in disbelief all it would have taken was one of these 4 analysts voicing the same view of the game so many of us held that they could have produced what would have amounted to as a “riot” against the NFL.

So instead ..

NO Post Game Show

Sorry Cadillac

Both of these ‘incidents’

Circumstantial ??

Call it what you want.

It made no sense and it fits squarely within the parameters of what was taking place on the Field. We are only asking you to see yourself as sitting in a Court as a Juror who must decide Guilty or Innocent at the conclusion of the Arguments.

The Charge is that FIVE calls by the Officials were so blatantly incorrect and at the most important of ALL games and with the “BEST” Officials in the League presiding that it is impossible that these were nothing more than “innocent” lapses, or that played no part in the Outcome.

And while we do not have to establish Motive

in order to secure a Guilty Verdict

we will


In the First Quarter with the score 0-0, Seattle with the Ball drove down the Field culminating in a 20 yard Touchdown Pass from Hasselbeck to Darrell Jackson but an official ruled pass interference which was clearly nonsense as replay revealed only too clearly. Jackson barely touched the Defender as he turned for the Ball a play that is never ruled Pass Interference on the Offense. Except here.

The score should have been 7-0

instead the Seahawks settled for a Field Goal

after the play was called back and

Seahawks got hit with a Penalty


Toward the end of the First Half with Pittsburgh in clear danger of going to Half Time scoreless Seattle made an incredible Goal Line Stand against the Steelers who had driven within yards of the Goal. Then on 3rd down they stopped the Steelers again as they had on the first 2 Downs, Pittsburgh QB Rothlisberger ran the Ball but clearly failed to break the Plane of the Goal with the Ball.

But even in the face of clear confirmation on replay the Officials ruled a Pittsburgh TD. When in fact it was now 4th and inches, and Pittsburgh would have been forced to settle for a Field Goal. too devastating if the Seahawks stopped them again with one of the greatest Goal Line Stands in SuperBowl history and Pittsburgh at Half Time being Scoreless.

The Seahawks would have had

Unbelievable Momentum

Instead the Half ended

Steelers 7 – Seahawks 3

A Travesty


Even with Pittsburgh leading by just 4 points late in the 3rd Period momentum had shifted to Seattle as they came back and were Driving for a TD. A fabulous long pass from Hasselbeck put the Seahawks on the 1 yard line with a First Down and a certain TD taking the Lead and shattering the Steelers confidence ….

Except that a holding penalty was called on Shaun Lockleaf back near the line of Scrimmage that clearly was not. Even John Madden in the Broadcast Booth who is very very careful of criticizing the Officials said for all to hear ” that’s ridiculous as everyone knows Officials can call holding penalties on every play in a game if they wanted.” There was NO basis for any Penalty. So instead of scoring an all important TD the Seahawks got a 10 yard Penalty.

The Seahawks should have had the Lead


and completely crushing Pittsburgh’s morale.


More than any of the others and all by itself ONE plays proves beyond the shadow of any doubt the FIX was in. A few plays after the stolen TD, Hasselbeck threw an Interception to Pittsburgh’s Troy Polamalu, and after Hasselbeck tackled him cleanly heroically at the 35 yard line he was hit with a Penalty…

……that was way beyond outrageous charged with illegally clipping another Steeler when Hasselbeck absolutely did no such thing. It was a clear and important tackle stopping Pittsburgh at their 35. Instead Seattle got hit with a devastating 15 yard Penalty made up out of “whole cloth” that placed Pittsburgh at Midfield from where they scored on a trick play putting them ahead 21-10.


Finally to add insult to injury and to emphasize the Bogus Officiating, when the Seahawks got the Ball back now in the 4th Quarter driving again down field Hasselbeck ran the Ball for a 15 yard gain and an important First Down.

Instead the Officials called a Fumble supposedly recovered by Pittsburgh even though an official was right there, saw that Hasselbeck was down by contact negating any fumble and even more his left shoulder clearly hit the ground before the Ball came lose from his grip ending the Play.


But it took the Seahawks calling for a Review before the Officials were forced to reverse themselves their “mistake” (sic) was so Blatant. So while this call did not impact the Game it so clearly showed how far the Officials were willing to go to do whatever they could to control the Game in Pittsburgh’s favor.

There were other egregious Calls ALL in Pittsburgh’s favor but Ladies & Gentlemen of this Jury what more do we need to tell and show you.

The evidence is Incontrovertible.

Without those Calls

Seattle would easily

have won the SuperBowl

would have Crushed Pittsburgh

And what about Motive ??

We have no obligation to address Motive having proved all the evidence to need to find the NFL GUILTY of stealing the SuperBowl from Seattle. But while of course we have no transcripts of secret NFL meetings with the Game Officials what we do know is that the National Football League is wildly profitable and has convinced itself it has the Power to do whatever it wants.

That unfortunately is True

in many ways

It was more than clear for the last two weeks who NFL officials felt would be better for the League if they won the SuperBowl. The Pittsburgh Steelers. And there is no doubt where the betting line was even though the game should have been considered a toss up. As obviously the NFL insiders knew.

They had no reason to be confident Pittsburgh would win as much as they wanted a Steelers victory. Clearly if the game turned out to be a blow out in Pittsburgh’s favor no action was required. Likewise if Seattle ran all over Pittsburgh all game nothing could be done to prevent Pittsburgh’s Defeat.

But Ladies & Gentlemen

neither of those outcomes is the norm

More likely as happened the game would be “competitive.” Everyone knows from endless examples in tightly fought football games just how pivotal the Officiating can be to the Outcome.

There is no doubt and it is an Open Secret that Officials in Football are far more in a position to effect the outcome than in any other sport. They have endless opportunities to make or not make “judgment calls” in just about every play, any such “judgment” at critical moments in the game can change everything.

With all that POWER

in the hands of Game Officials

And with Officials and their status completely at the mercy of the Commissioner and the League controlled by the Owners what does it really take for some if not all of the Officials in the BIGGEST game in American sports each year to read the signals …. how best to please the League they work for.

It is built in Corruption

in the NFL

just waiting to be used

and it clearly was

SuperBowl Sunday

in Pittsburgh’s favor


The only legitimate verdict

Ladies & Gentlemen

is for Pittsburgh to be Stripped

of its 2006 SuperBowl Championship.


The problem which is inherent in sport but most of all Football and has long been the Gridiron’s “dirty little secret” which comes up again and again and again in college and pro football and with millions even billions depending on certain outcomes both in terms of a team’s own revenues and influence in its market but even more especially as sports betting has become a worldwide “trillion” dollar industry growing even faster than ever because of the Internet …

and it being so EASY to “fix” football games in clear view

what happened SuperBowl Sunday


was inevitable

But it is likely the implications of that “fraudulent” game will shake the NFL to its very core, even bring its existence as currently structured into question, regardless of its staggering profitability.

Sunday’s SuperBowl may well become

a defining moment in American Sports

undermining the legitimacy of the NFL

and much more

and nothing will Ever be the same