Blood On The Gridiron NFL Coaches Get The Ax

Updated: November 16, 2007





What a Slaughter !

at least 7 maybe more

NFL Head Coaches

will be Replaced

all of them

White Guys

We may (or may not) be Witnessed another new Era or Trend as you prefer in the NFL. Head coaches becoming more replaceable than ever. It will especially amount to a New Era if a new conventional wisdom is developing among teams and their owners that in general Coaches that don’t provide their teams a Winning Strategy meaning Playoff Appearances rapidly and regularly do not have the kind of value $$$$$ that makes them worth keeping.

We’ll see

But it won’t be Surprising if such a Trend is taking place.

The idea of hiring a Coach and giving him 5-10 years to slowly Build a Winner may not be in vogue now if it ever was. And a powerful foundation from an evolution away from the “great coach” mentality may be predicated on a changing view of exactly what a Head Coach brings to an NFL team ….

…. along with the corollary that their might be a lot of Wannabes specifically assistant coaches and offensive and defensive coordinators who are as Good if not better than a Coach that does not produce Quick Winners …

…… even add another element that may be surfacing the view that it is an opportunistic chemistry or synergy if you prefer that will or will not develop between a particular head coach and the specific collection of players he has to work with on any team and that it is worth changing coaches rapidly until “finally” your team gets the Chemistry right.

Whether any of this Conjecture

we prefer to call it Brilliant Theory

is worth a sack of old footballs

the fact is there will be

a lot of new Coaches

in the NFL

So What

IF it does not Result in talented African Americans being hired to fill many of those Coaching positions. THINK ABOUT IT. This Slaughter involves all White Guys. The few Black Head Coaches are holding their Own ! We could even maybe have Two on the way to the SuperBowl.

A bunch of White Guys who could not make it as NFL coaches. An obvious logical response would be for these owners to say let’s see if an African American head coach can do a better job especially since we have never had a Black head coach. And well over 50% of the players to be coached are Black.

Please don’t be Naive

without Pressure exerted

we will see the same

Song & Dance

Teams will interview one African American who they have NO intention of hiring so they pass the NFL “smell test” and some will be so blatant they won’t even bother and announce there is some White God who is destined to coach their team and thank the Big God that circumstances will finally allow then to reach their Destiny and hire this White Guy. Before he gets away.

Remember our Resolutions

from January 1st

One of them was that African Americans finally WAKE UP and put some real PRESSURE on the Leagues in just such a Situation as this. Start with the NFL Players Association and its well over 50% membership and its African American executive director Gene Upshaw ( who needs to prove if it is even possible he is not African American in name only as the union leader ).

Is it possible for the NFL’s hundreds of Black players to conceive they are a powerful group for doing Good. Is it possible for them to understand FAIRNESS in all aspects of the NFL is essential for them to realize true FAIRNESS as players. If the Union and the Black players issued a self confident statement about the lack of African American head coaches and their very determined interest in more with all these new openings …

It would be a serious wake up call for Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, the owners and the White Media, and the starting point for Others inside and beyond the Black community inside and outside of Sports to likewise Raise their Voices in Unison and put the NFL and as all of the teams seeking new head coaches under the Microscope of Fairness & Equality and NOT hesitating to significantly increase the Criticism as each of these 7 teams and probably even more NFL teams seek new Head Coaches but do NOT seriously consider African Americans.

We’re doing our Part right here

now how about the rest of you

are we going to insist

NFL and team owners hear us in

Green Bay

St. Louis



New Orleans

Kansas City


maybe Dallas

and other NFL cities

There are 5 African American Head Coaches in the NFL right now. Not surprising an historic high. When you’ve been abused long enough any better news can look like Success.

The Reality is that is 5 out of 32 NFL head coaches in a League filled with many lousy white coaches since the beginning of NFL Time. If all 7 of these openings were filled by African Americans – Fat Chance – that would mean all of 12 of 32 NFL head coaches would be Black next season.

Now here is a Scenario

which may prove True

NONE of the 7 and quite possibly more NFL head coaching vacancies NONE will be filled by African Americans. So before any of you take today’s Box too lightly. THINK ABOUT IT. What will it say about the state of African Americans in the NFL if even after 7 more white head coaches are replaced most for horrendous failure IF none of them is replaced by African Americans.

If that would not be considered

21st century style

Racism in Sports

nothing is.

No Justice No Silence !