Blame Michael Vick For ‘Lost’ Brother

Updated: November 16, 2007




There really is

one simple answer

To Marcus Vick’s downfall

His Brother

It is only too simple to blame Marcus Vick’s downfall on Marcus Vick. Any idiot can come up with that analysis. Well it’s wrong. Because there is one person on Earth who had more reason to see to it that Marcus did not turn into a complete Jerk if not now a Criminal. And that person his Brother supposedly has the intelligence, the experience and all the resources to rein in his Younger Brother.

If you’re willing to look at the Situation

The real failure is Michael’s, and once you see that Reality you get to see far further, that whether Marcus Vick, Maurice Clarett, or other failed promising young African Americans athletes of your Choice, the Problem is the Same.

A lack of a support network

Marcus Vick and Maurice Clarett the two examples we’ll devote this Box to and adequate to examine the larger problem, were both potential SuperStar athletes, two players who might have defined the NFL over the next Decade.

Neither will

In a way Maurice Claret’s predicament is more complicated, and his Travails are moderated by the fact he became a “target” for both the NCAA and the NFL and having 2 all powerful institutions out to get you would make it tough for any of us to overcome those obstacles and stay focused.

So that Marcus Vick remains the worst example of all. Of a young athlete going Bad for no good reason at all. And with clear warning signals that should have rung bells for those around him. No one more than Big Brother Michael Vick.

One prominent sports journalist Wednesday in his newspaper attributed Marcus Vick’s problems to his decision to go to Virginia Tech and follow in his brother’s football footsteps. The logic of that analysis escapes us.

If anything attending Virginia Tech should have insured that no matter what Michael would have made sure no matter the effort that his younger brother lived up to his reputation. And most of all did nothing to destroy the legendary stature of the Vick name at Virginia Tech.

It placed the burden on Michael in spite of his own career and his own life to lead to make sure Marcus kept any indiscretions to a minimum. More to the point proving to Marcus that for him to achieve the same type of success he would have to be disciplined or else.

Certainly after Marcus was suspended from the Tech football program an entire season for various violations, there was no alternative or more precisely should not have been than for Michael to do whatever it took. Not just personal time devoted to Marcus but making sure as many athletes and non athletes as it took became a support network and early warning system the best Michael Vick’s Big Star NFL QB status and all his money could assemble.

Marcus Vick purposely stepping on the leg of an opposing football player and days later pulling a gun on some other teens are both so far over the top for a college football player a Quarterback who was certain to become a Starting NFL Quarterback earning unprecedented amounts of money ….

Leaves no doubt at all Marcus was acting irrationally as he had to a lesser extent earlier caught speeding without even having a valid drivers license and other infractions even earlier that predicated his suspension the prior season …

That Michael was left no Choice but to have monitored the signs that would lead to such anti-social even criminal actions and literally planted himself at Virginia Tech with Marcus every moment he could possibly make available.

There is no evidence he did.

So that in the End

Marcus Vick’s immaturity, his lack of personal control, his inability to display a minimal level of appropriate behavior resulted in a series of misdeeds that collectively spanned less than a few minutes but add up to a Broken Life.

So where does this leave Michael

He has no Choice left but to devote time and energy to Marcus. Because this bad story could turn far worse. If Marcus decides “there’s nothing left for him.” That he’s going to jail and the rest of his life he will live on the fringes or worse.

Now if Marcus turns worse his every misdeed will haunt Michael as will the media with his younger brother’s bad name. And more and more others will finally do what we are today placing lots of the blame on Michael Vick.

Many of us have brothers and/or sisters and the normal response and experience proves we can’t live their lives nor prevent them from going wrong. Except here is the difference. Our view is given this situation and given the talent and the success and notoriety of these 2 Brothers the “normal” response does not fit.

Michael Vick needed to understand and appreciate because he was “burdened” with success and a younger brother with comparable talent he Michael could not “afford” to let his young brother go his own way. Live his own life without an ‘ever present’ Older Brother over his shoulder. Whether he wanted or not.


Because we just saw and are seeing the results

because Michael Vick was not

his Brother Marcus’ Keeper

they both Lose Big.