Black Rose Among The White Ivy Norries Wilson

Updated: November 16, 2007




We get hit all the Time

with reader emails

from white fans

Who regularly harangue us for seeing Racism where they conveniently see none. They typically believe they have the Upper Hand by challenging us to find any reference to racist remarks or any policy that specifically condones racism be it in the various professional sports leagues, the NCAA, individual colleges. You name it.

Our response is always the same


is the most virulent form of Racism

And that is what you find in every aspect of the American sports empire with the exception of players in football and basketball, and athletes in certain aspects of track & field. Go beyond those boundaries and go anywhere including in these sports off the field of play and all you see is a Sea of White Faces punctuated with a very few African Americans.

Which brings us to

Norries Wilson

Allow us to introduce Mr. Wilson by first pointing out that in 100 years of football played at the various Ivy League colleges which include many of the most prestigious universities in the nation which have produced more U.S. Presidents than any others. And leaders in business, science, literature, government, etc..

In 100 years of Ivy League college football and 165 head coaches who have led all those teams over a Century 3 months ago when Columbia, maybe the worst Ivy League college football team, that when they named Norries Wilson head coach of the horrendous desperate Columbia Lions, Norries Wilson became the First African American to ever coach an Ivy League football team.

Now back to our Critics

noted Above

These white BASN readers would of course contend this is absolutely not an example of Racism. They will point out in their emails that we have not provided one comment by any Ivy League official past or present that they hate Blacks and would never hire African Americans as a Coach. Likewise these readers will write we have not referenced one single Ivy League document or administration edict that says “do not hire Blacks.”

And then will joyfully conclude OBVIOUSLY there is NO Racism in the Ivy League. Some of our determined Critics like to add they we are doing a disservice to all Americans and to sports making such claims that question the “purity” of Sports in America.

Say Amen

Before we get back to our critics we don’t want the historic accomplishment by Norries Wilson to be lost in this acrimony. He deserves attention. Wilson has come up through the ranks and paid his Dues. In college he starred in football and was captain of the team at the University of Minnesota. Graduated in 1989 with a degree in Psychology.

Wilson went on to work as a Assistant for the University of Minnesota before going on to assistant coaching stints at Livingston College and North Carolina Central, then a step up to offense coordinator for Bucknell College, from there to offensive coordinator for the University of Connecticut and after 7 years there his new appointment as head coach at Columbia. In addition along the way he has earned minority coaching fellowships with 3 NFL teams Chiefs, Jaguars and Colts.

Not bad for a 40 year old

Black or white

Back to our critics. Yes indeed. Norries Wilson being the first and only African American football head coach in Ivy League history when all 165 who have been Ivy League football head coaches are ALL White is Racism. Pure and simple. And it is far more meaningful Racism than some Sicko who might run up and down the halls of Yale or Princeton yelling out “I hate niggers.” Those are people in need of help if not institutionalization.

The Real Problem is

All those wealthy educated Ivy League presidents and chancellors and their very very wealthy and powerful Alumni who have no problem seeing all white faces running all their athletic programs and sports teams.

That is where Racism lives

in the 21st Century