Black Quarterback Isiah Williams Leads Illinois To Upset Of 07

Updated: November 10, 2007



We don’t know if

African American


Dennis Dixon and

Isiah Williams know

one another but Dennis Dixon

( whose Ducks were off this week )

should be every bit as excited as

Isiah Williams leading Illinois

UPSETTING Ohio 28 – 21

throwing 4 Touchdowns

The Heisman is now

Dixon’s to win

or lose

Thank Juice for

doing his Part

We don’t want to take any of the focus away from Illinois and most of all Isiah Williams for one of the Great Upsets in College Football History defeating the ONLY previously undefeated and until now #1 Ohio State – and while the impact of that game has no direct impact on Dennis Dixon’s prospects the fact that the Oregon Ducks will likely rise from #3 to #2 or even #1 in the new BCS and AP Polls is one more big asset in Dixon’s favor as the Final March to the Heisman begins.

and most of all

most of ALL

Isiah Williams and Dennis Dixon

represent the Triumphant of

Black Quarterbacks against

the Odds that are still entrenched

favoring White Quarterbacks

The relentless march of the African American Quarterback fighting for equality in NCAA and NFL football has been a difficult journey and far from a continuously improving trend. There are periods of advancement and others of regression.

While we are praising Williams and Dixon, and while there will be two too rare Black Quarterback match-ups today Sunday in the NFL – just as much an outstanding young African American Quarterback Brad Smith who “plays” for the New Jersey Jets ( as a Wide Receiver ) isn’t even given a chance to replace washed up Chad Pennington. Brad Smith representing only too frequently the reality of the Black Quarterback.

But today we are here

mostly in praise of

QB Isiah Williams

and all the Illinis

Still this Victory was all about Juice Williams and his Career Game. Often referred to as erratic Williams will savor this game for the rest of his life and even if he makes it to 101 he will still be asked about Illinois’ victory over Ohio State in the Fall of 2007.

All of Illinois’ scores came on Williams TD passes. And like his “buddy” Dennis Dixon, Williams is a Threat in the Air and on the Ground. Saturday Williams was 12 for 22 passing for 140 yards and 4 TDs and ran the ball 16 times for 70 yards. There is some “confusion” in the ranks of the Black Quarterbacks.

For a while it was looking like the Black Running Quarterback the Dual Threat Model might overtake and replace the Old Model of the White Pocket Quarterback. Then we entered a period of questioning the viability of the Running Quarterback. That the NFL was too hostile an environment for the Running Quarterback and that their longevity was far less than the Traditional Quarterback. With Michael Vick’s “departure” further eroding the appeal of the Running Quarterback.

Now once again the Running Quarterback model may become in vogue again as the most attractive style of play. Quarterbacks like Vince Young and Dennis Dixon reviving it and other Black Quarterbacks like Isiah Juice Williams on his good days.

One thing we know for sure

as the Sun rises Sunday morning

across America the Two Quarterbacks

who should most be on the minds of

Sports Fans are African Americans

that is Progress but not enough

The Struggle continues …..

Congratulations Isiah Williams

and three more BIG games

Dennis Dixon remember

The Heisman is your

to Win if you are

up to the Task

Finally read all about

Quarterback Juice Williams

he deserves your attention

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