Black Out In The NFL African American Coaches Shut Out

Updated: November 16, 2007







say it again


There are 2 Choices. Let the NFL continue to get away with Abuse. Or we do something about it. There have been a record number of NFL head coach positions to fill following the 2005 regular season. 10 of Them. It is now very likely not one new African American head coach will be added as a result of all these openings to the Dismal Number currently. Just 6 of 32.

It is an Institutional Problem

always was and

is Today and will be


Unless. African Americans take Action. And in this case the hundreds of Black NFL players. As we have argued again and again. To no avail so far. This problem begins with another Institutional Problem …

an African American one


is Unqualified

To remain the NFL Players Association – read union – Leader. Why ? That’s as simple as can be. Gene Upshaw is No Leader. He is NFL Commissioner Tagliabue’s and the 32 White Owners’ “man.” To put it in sanitized terms.

Gene Upshaw


( for himself )

Forgot what it means

to be African American

A long time ago

That’s if being African American means Anything more than having a better skin tone. Because Silent Gene certainly does not identify with a Shared Struggle that reaches deep into Sports. He thinks just like the White Boys.

As long as the NFL


players get paid well

the rest of what happens

and who gets What

in none of their Business

That is the Ruling View

& Gene Upshaw’s

Well it is every African Americans’ business and most of all the business of the approximately 700 African American NFL players when there are TEN count them 10 NFL head coaching positions to fill at the start of 2006 AND NOT ONE HEAD COACH POSITION GOES TO AN AFRICAN AMERICAN.

By any fair definition that is


do you have any idea what that is Gene Upshaw ??

The Black NFL Players have no legitimate Choice now but to organize their own Association to demand that the NFL treat African Americans fairly in every aspect of this Industry. But they have no Leverage you say !! Only if they believe they don’t. If the Black Players walk away from the concept of a single unified Players Association All Hell will Break Loose.

Because ….

The NFL’s anti Black Institutional Bias that has results in wildly unfair representation of Africa Americans off the Gridiron especially at the most sought after higher levels of power and influence …..

that Institutional Bias is its Weakness

The NFL Commissioner and the 32 Owners are unequipped to have to face and bargain with a united front of a Black Players Association – apart from the white players – that will demand and get the EXACT same individual player deals and revenue sharing as the white players because there is no other Choice but …

The Black Players Association will have other Group Demands as to coaches, front office and ownership to negotiate.

Now is the Time

with the current players agreement

about to expire before

the 2006 season

In effect the White Players already have such an Association that has had all its Demands and more met proven by the fact that the NFL Commissioner is Always White, that there are 32 White Owners, that there are 26 of 32 White Head Coaches, 32 White Team Presidents. etc. etc..

While 70% of the NFL Players are

African Americans

sure sounds like The Plantation

( far worse than the Republican one Hillary says exists in Congress )

If the African American Players have had Enough. If they have any Courage and Determination they will break away from the White Players Association and its so called “leader” Gene Upshaw, and form the Black Players Association and name a Real African American Leader as its Executive Director.

Someone in the Mold of

The Young Marcus Garvey

then there will Be



Spinning Lies

The New York Times and the rest of the Right Stream Media on Saturday all dutifully reported The White House BS that yes it was really President Bush himself who bravely stepped in and insisted that the Treasury Department let Cuba play in the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

Planet Earth to The New York Times

( as though they don’t know better )

The Treasury Dept. works for The White House. No Administration has ever exerted as much Control on any and every decision coming out of every Federal Agency. The Bushies are notorious for politicizing even the most minute and obscure decisions to advance their Radical Agenda.

It is Preposterous for The White House to announce and worse for the American Media to report that the Treasury Dept. over the objections of President Bush took action to prevent Cuba from playing Baseball.

The Plain Truth is Bush was forced to reverse himself. Let’s repeat that. Bush was forced to reverse HIS decision to deny Cuba the right to Play. Because a Fire Storm developed and Bush could not get away with keeping the Olympic Champion Cuban Baseball Team out of the World Cup.

Shame on Bob Keller for

printing White House Lies

( again )