BASN NFL Picks: Week Ten

By Tony McClean
Updated: November 8, 2007
NFL Sunday TicketNEW HAVEN, Ct. — Just a quick blurb on the unbeaten Patriots, the ’72 Dolphins, and asterisks and such. A quick look at the NFL’s Record & Fact Book shows that they already differentiate all 14-game and 16-game records throughout the entire book.

They don’t have to stoop to the point of putting a meaningless asterisk next to all of their records. They just let you know that certain records happened in either a 14-game or 16-game season.

It also shows that they have some respect for their fans’ intelligence and don’t need a whining Hall of Fame coach or an overreacting national media to tell us the difference between one undefeated team from another.
Plus, when you consider the fact that both squads have some serious skeletons in their respective closets, it really doesn’t matter in the big picture. Especially when we all know that New England WILL NOT GO UNDEFEATED!!!

There. I said it. And I stand by it.

Not because I’m a Pats hater or a Fish fan. Personally, I think both sides are childish with their boring “We get no respect” attitudes. Too many media folks are trying to re-write history with the Pats just a little too damn early for me. Nine games doesn’t make greatness.

Especially with teams like the Steelers, Giants, and others out there that can and will catch the Pats napping. As for the ’72 Dolphins, no disrespect but, the Steelers of the 70’s, the Packers of the 60’s, and the 49ers of the 80’s get more respect historically than you.

This isn’t being written to piss folks off, but trust me, I’m not the only person that feel that way. I’m just one of the only ones who have no problem putting his money where his mouth is.

Since 2000, 17 teams have reached the halfway point of the season with a .500 winning percentage or less and proceeded to the playoffs, including at least one in each season. The 2001 Patriots started 4-4 and won seven of their last eight games en route to an 11-5 regular season and the team’s first Super Bowl championship (XXXVI). In 2002, half of the playoff field consisted of teams that started 4-4 or less, including five of the six AFC participants.
New Orleans’ Reggie Bush has 50 catches through the Saints first eight games. Who was the last running back to have 100 receptions in a season?
A. Roger Craig
B. LaDainian Tomlinson
C. Larry Centers
D. Ronnie Harmon
(The answer comes at the end of this column).

LAST WEEK: 11-3 (70-44 overall)
Yeah, another double-digit win week, but I’m not happy. I’m just like that retired head coach that forgets all the wins, but remembers all the losses. I’m still kicking myself about giving the Niners another week to find themselves only to get lost in Dixie. We also got burned by the Bolts, who are still trying to find Adrian Peterson (Note: Check the endzone, guys!!!). Our other loss came as we took Indy at the dome. One thing still puzzles me about that game: Did the Patriots win it or did the Colts lose it??

When they last met in Dallas waaaay back on the opening Sunday night, it was like watching an Arena Football game’s first half. The Cowboys scored on Big Blue at will and held on for a 45-35 win. New York’s third straight 6-2 start under Mr. Warmth is something Giants fans are getting used to, but it’s the second half of the movie that bums them out. Can they get a different ending this year? A win Sunday would be a good start.
Pick: Giants.

In another Opening Weekend rematch, the Browns try to exact a little payback against the Steelers. That Sunday, Pittsburgh opened up a can of Grade A Whupass in a 34-7 win at the Dawg Pound. Much like the Giants in our previous pick, Cleveland has transformed since that fateful day. Last week’s comeback against Seattle is a good indication of how Romeo’s Boys have grown up. However, the Black & Gold left the Ravens black & blue after their Monday Night beatdown. Cleveland is better than that last meeting, but I don’t think they have enough to take out the Steelers.
Pick: Steelers.

Welcome to division rematches, part three. Both teams are coming off huge wins and played a close one (won 23-16 by the Cheeseheads) back in Week 4. Watching Adrian Peterson last week against San Diego was absolutely breathtaking. “All Day” is like a cross between Eric Dickerson and Tony Dorsett with a little Barry Sanders on the side. Can Green Bay put a lid on him? I’m not sure they can do that and win the game as well.
Pick: Vikings.

Please forgive the Bolts and Colts this week if they both appear to be in a bit of a fog. However, someone’s gotta bounce back and win this very important AFC battle. Somewhere during last week’s “game to end all games” against the Pats, Indy just simply stopped being aggressive on both sides of the line. Ironically just a few hours earlier, the same thing happened to the Chargers as A.D. was gliding through them like a hot knife through butter. So, who bounces back quicker?? We’ll take a hunch on the home team.
Pick: Chargers.

After seeing the final score of last week’s 49ers-Falcons and knowing what I said about San Fran not being ready for prime time, I had a Florida Evans (i.e. “DAMN, DAMN, DAMN) fit. My first instinct was to go with the Dirty Birds, but I felt that the Niners should be able to beat this woeful bunch. WRONG!!!! Needless to say but, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, or in this case a fourth time, shame on my stubborn butt!! Now if San Fran wins, I’m personally driving to the Bay and goin’ upside someone’s head.
Pick: Seahawks.

Lions over Cardinals: I know this dangerous, but the Boys from Motown have to win a key road game sometime this century.

Bengals over Ravens: Boy, that Super Bowl win must feel like decades ago for Billick and Lewis.

Chiefs over Broncos: Denver’s slow and painful demise continues at Arrowhead.
Redskins over Eagles: McNabb’s gonna look great in Chi-Town next year.

Bears over Raiders: Speaking of QB’s, shouldn’t we be seeing JaMarcus Russell on the field soon??

Jags over Titans: The most desperate team theory applies here.

Saints over Rams: It will be a close one, but New Orleans should still prevail.

Bills over Dolphins: They can begin to prepare for the Pats at halftime.

Falcons over Panthers: Yeah, like you really care about this game!!!!

Byes: Houston, New England, N.Y. Jets, Tampa Bay.

B. In 2003, LaDainian Tomlinson had 100 receptions for 725 yards (4 TDs) to go along with his 1,645 rushing yards (13 TDs) that season. Larry Centers is the only other running back in NFL history to have a 100-reception season. He caught 101 balls for the Cardinals in 1995.