BASN Heisman Trophy Watch

By Richard Kent
Updated: November 21, 2007

Heisman StatueCONNECTICUT — Here’s a brief look at my top five Heisman Trophy award candidates entering this weekend’s action.

1. Oregon QB Dennis Dixon: He was injured in the loss to Arizona but still has tremendous statistics and his team should play in a BCS Bowl if not for the National Championship.

2. Arkansas RB Darren McFadden: He is certainly the best runner in the country and even though his team is not performing up to expectations he is in the Heisman hunt.

3. Hawaii QB Colt Brennan: He has the best statistics in the country for a team that nobody has heard of. They may play in the BCS Bowl. He will be seen and heard then.

4. Kentucky QB Andre Woodson: He is a good one and if his team had performed a little better he would be at the top of the Heisman hunt. He should be a first run draft choice in the NFL. No worse.

5. Rutgers RB Ray Rice: He is back in the Heisman hunt after great games against Syracuse and Pittsburgh. His team is a disappointment but they will be playing in a minor bowl and Rice will most likely leave at the end of this season. If he’d come back for his season year he would have set an NCAA rushing record.