BASN Classic BlackBox: Poor Terrell Now He’s Got A Sleeping Disorder Or Does He?

Updated: November 11, 2007

A BASN Classic BlackBox Last Updated:November 05, 2006 POOR TERRELL NOW HE’S GOT A SLEEPING DISORDER OR DOES HE ????


And you thought you


think again think

Terrell Owens now

he can’t stay awake

NO jokes please

this is SERIOUS

We were considering for today’s Box relating sports to world poverty, or North Korea’s nuclear weapons, or the occupation of Iraq, or the slaughter taking place in too many places around the world then ……

this far more important story

hit the News Wires

Terrell can’t stop from falling asleep at Cowboys team meetings. It is happening repeatedly and riling Bill Parcells and the staff. Players too. You can understand that. In the middle of intense meetings discussing all important strategy for next Sunday’s BIG game and all of a sudden all the coaches and staff and players notice Owens fast asleep. Snoring ?? No one is talking !

Terrell is claiming there is no doubt about it. He suffers from a Medical Condition making it IMPOSSIBLE for him to control when he falls to sleep. YES there is such a condition. So STOP laughing please.

At the same time ….

Maybe there is another explanation. You attend meetings. Everyone does. It goes with being a Human Being. Everybody meets. Most of the time for absolutely NO good reason. It is NO different for NFL teams.

When you can’t think of anything

better to do with the players

call a MEETING

So what if it is just to go over the same game plan for the 1000th time. Better than giving the players too much free time. To get themselves in Trouble. OR just go off and sleep.

Except in Terrell’s case. He sleeps anyway.

What is the Point ?

The REAL problem may not be Terrell’s. Terrell’s brain may have become so advanced it immediately senses when a useless meeting is taking place and simply SHUTS down to conserve Owens’ energy and brain power for more useful pursuits. Like catching passes and WINNING games.

Just maybe if more players fell asleep during BORING meetings. Even better IF all of us feel asleep during meetings the result would be less meetings. Because it would be crystal clear when a useless meeting is taking place.

Everyone in the room falls asleep. Terrell may be leading the Way for all of us.

Maybe Terrell Owens has a larger Calling

than just Football maybe even

Donovan McNabb will

appreciate Owens for

SAVING us all from

Meetings maybe by

his example maybe

Owens should write

yet another Book ??

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