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Updated: November 1, 2007
A BASN Classic BlackBox Last Updated: September 25, 2007 New SPORT MAKE IT BLACK Cricket Bat TRY THIS BAT ON FOR SIZE

Sports continue to Evolve

just like the rest of Life

the Question is will

Black Americans

SEIZE these


One good strategy for re-orienting the very clear White Bias in so much of Sports right into the 21st century is the same strategy that always works best be SMARTER than your adversaries.

One clear example here in the world of Sports is for African Americans to embrace “new” sports no matter the barriers or lack of experience or cultural factors. So far the Black record in doing so is very mixed mostly negative.

Of course two Big Success stories are Football and Basketball which began as “white sports.” Baseball as well except that past progress is now fading. As to the “minor” sports dozens and dozens of other sports with targeted appeal inside the USA and around the world the record for Black America is Dismal.

Which brings us to a “new” Sport

really a variation on an old Sport

as many “new” Sports are

repackaged for a new age

in this case Cricket

re-branded as


Here is what is going on. Cricket as it has been played for a few hundred years revolves around matches that don’t last hours but often 5 days and with niceties like lunch breaks. Even so Cricket is wildly popular in England, India, Pakistan, the Caribbean and more places than most people realize, and quite popular among various ethic groups in the United States.

Nonetheless these never ending matches are a big big handicap to an even wider acceptance of the Sport and a far larger audience. So some of the Smarter Cricket Minds got together a number of years ago and did the obvious. They created a very legitimate version of Cricket renamed Twenty20 that is played in the same reasonable time frame as other major Sports.

What is happening right now is

that Twenty20 is coming

into its Own

The historic development that took place Monday was the first ever Twenty20 World Cup a riveting battle between arch RIVALS to be it mildly India and Pakistan for the Championship (think Yankees vs. Red Sox times 20). India won this Herculean encounter, The operational word all over the media in countries that follow Cricket was THRILLER. India defeated Pakistan 157-152.

How is that for Scoring in a game that lasted only about 3 hours !

( and don’t American Sports Fans love lots of SCORING )

In this condensed form Cricket holds the promise of expanding tremendously even exponentially in the coming years around the world. For those who want to make a comparison with Baseball, Twenty20 likely has a tremendous advantage as a sport worldwide played with a bat and ball with a pitcher and fielders and each team scoring runs and running bases. It is more familiar than Baseball.

But here is Our Point ….

Twenty20 is wide open territory for African Americans. How many times do we have to say and shouldn’t have to say it at all. ALL Sports and playing them well is based on general athletic ability, proper training and enthusiasm for a particular Sport. Twenty20 will surely catch on in America if how much remains to be seen. And the very positive irony is that if Black Americans took up the Sport and fielded outstanding teams that could be the factor that propels growth here.

The White Power Structure

in the BIllions of Dollars

Sports Industry

isn’t going to

give Black



as always it

is a matter of



( or rolling over )


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